Our Plan Phase provides a specialized team of experts who chart a course to completion. That course includes clear objectives, informed decision-making, creative problem-solving, accurate estimates, and an unshakable commitment to meet our clients’ needs.

• Achieve team alignment on target cost, schedule, and project scope
• Develop a strategy to reach targets
• Maintain accountability to follow through on actions and strategies
• Streamline commencement and construction schedules
• Engage in caring neighborhood stewardship


Sebastian delivers early logistics and feasibility on each project with our uniquely specialized experience and unmatched historical data.


Sebastian enhances predictability and informed decision making by developing highly detailed estimation and providing extensive alternate pricing options.


Sebastian identifies and solves issues up front thus reducing delays and unwanted surprises.


Sebastian maximizes value by utilizing relationships with a deep roster of talented trade specialists who competitively bid for each sub-contract.


The components of our Build phase progress in a consistent and repeatable method as all parties thoroughly accomplish the plan, execute the essential tasks to complete the project, and communicate with intentionality and transparency to achieve the shared successful outcome.

• Develop SMART goals in short, medium, and long term
• Align team and trade partners with clear and consistent communication
• Achieve a healthy pace with teamwork and clear accountabilities
• Prevent errors with highly experienced oversight


Sebastian sets the stage for success with a detailed plan of action developed by a team of professionals.


Sebastian keeps clients informed and in control while aligning all participants on a clear and organized plan.


Sebastian drives the project towards completion with clear and distinct roles.


Sebastian’s relationship with a client does not end when construction is complete. With the support and strength of the Sebastian Client Services Division, each client learns all the features and benefits of their new home.  Understanding each warranty and leveraging service programs provides greater longevity and total enjoyment of the new home.

• Transition a build project into a smoothly operating home
• Prevent issues via proactive maintenance plan
• Promptly assess and repair issues that arise
• Execute small projects with the same Sebastian level of care and quality


Sebastian provides a comprehensive inspection prior to move-in to ensure all systems are 100% operational.


Sebastian simplifies the homeowner experience with intuitive review and “how to” discussions on all systems as desired.


Sebastian handles any level of repair with a single point of contact who will coordinate all trades necessary.


Sebastian prevents degradation and larger issues by inspecting and providing proactive maintenance recommendations to preserve our client’s investment.