Demand for voice control for home tech grows

Names like Amazon Alexa and Google Home might spark brand recognition but voice control for home technology is booming beyond the tech giants.

Forbes magazine covered the 2018 Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo in San Diego. According to the article, home tech offerings like Josh AI, Savant and Control4 handle multi-part instructions, integrating blinds, lighting and entertainment.

The article quotes David VanWert of West Hollywood-based VanWert Technology Design:

“More advanced systems such as Josh AI allowing for natural speech control, multiple commands, and proximity sensing open the opportunity to these ‘whole house systems’ to be truly easy to use, something that has not been easily obtainable with traditional home automation systems.”

At Sebastian, we’re no strangers to high tech home features. Our clients, many of whom own multiple homes, rely on technology for security when they’re away and comfort when they are in residence.

Candy’s Dirt, a popular real estate blog featured a Sebastian-built home, lauding the property’s high tech features:

“This Mediterranean villa marries Old World feel with state-of-the-art technology. The entire property is integrated with HomeTronics, and every room has an iPad for control. You can sit in chair and turn on fireplaces, open drapes and blinds, adjust temperatures, turn off lights, or lock doors, indoor and out. There’s also whole-house surround sound, controlled from smart devices and the iPads.”

But high tech isn’t always problem-free.

Jerry Nogalski, Client Concierge for Sebastian Construction Group notes that the biggest post-move in complaint he hears from clients is that their overly-complex home frustrates them – particularly audio-visual systems and lighting control.

“I would tell the homeowner know what they are getting into and understand the limitations of the system. Most of our clients have whole house systems and have had good and bad experiences with them.”

Jerry’s advice to keep enjoyment levels high and frustration to a minimum?

Work with a reliable integrator.

“The technology is nothing without an experienced company to install it, train you on its use and to be available when there are problems. Several of the companies we frequently work with offer 24/7/365 service teams to keep your smart home running optimally.”

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