Sneak Peek inside Fusch-Designed Home

Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects has designed some of the most spectacular estate homes in Texas, focusing on classical architecture styles found in Europe.

Fusch reveals the source of his and his clients’ design inspiration in a 2017 interview in Luxe Magazine: “Relying on my travels for inspiration is always something I find to be valuable within the design process, but we have many clients who request to emulate architecture they have seen personally through their own travels.”

The firm, which began in 1976, specializes in private residences and estate planning. Mr. Fusch himself works directly on every project.

We’re delighted to be able to share a rare inside look at a Fusch-designed (and Sebastian-built) home, the spectacular Euclid project. Currently for sale, the Mediterranean style estate features landscape architecture by Harold Leidner Company and interiors by Wesley-Wayne and Laura Lee Clark.

Real estate blog Candy’s Dirt filmed a video from the property and discussed some of the custom features that make this estate one of a kind.