Recently, three Sebastian team members – Pre-Construction Manager Andy O’Nan, President John Sebastian and Director of Operations Matt Cain shared their insights on the Top 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High End Residences.

The event was sponsored by the Texas Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) and hosted at Sebastian’s Dallas headquarters. Attendees participated in a lively interactive talk, designed to help architects and contractors avoid the misconceptions that add costs, increase schedules and frustrate project participants.

Sebastian Construction Group and ICAA Texas "40 Misconceptions in the Construction of High End Residences"

Sebastian’s been in the business of building luxury homes for nearly 70 years. During that time, John Sebastian and his team of professionals have honed the process of building premier estates. Along the way, they’ve noticed some assumptions and common practices that slow projects and negatively impact the results.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the 40 misconceptions that had a lot of the heads in the room nodding in agreement:

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[Chart by Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, CEO of HOK Architects.]

Traditional design workflow starts with architects creating beautiful designs for  homes, developing construction documents AND THEN engaging contractors, interior and landscape design professionals to execute the design. What’s the problem with that?

A lot, it turns out. Architecture, construction, engineering, landscape architecture and interior design are creative services – there are different ways to achieve the same result.

Andy O’Nan argues that the better approach to project planning is to bring the contractor and design professionals into the project as early as possible.

“Getting the team on board gets early alignment on the way the house will be built and prevents going backward later,” says O’Nan. “It also develops more accountability as a team to design to the client’s budget.”

Every project has unique characteristics that require careful planning and design. There are choices to be evaluated, whether its materials, site options, construction techniques, scheduling limitations or delivery of what an owner expects and needs.

By getting the design and construction team working together early in the process – with a budget – the team can develop a cost model prior to starting design and then design to the cost model. This allows the team to evaluate design alternatives and their construction impacts, while keeping the owner’s wish list and budget on track.

The result? Happy team members AND happy clients.

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