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September 18, 2017

$17,580 donated in 48 hours for hurricane relief

Employees say that one of the most appealing qualities of working at Sebastian is the family feeling among the entire staff. Last week, the Sebastian Construction Group family came together in a big way to help families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The city of Beaumont, Texas was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm. and is still reeling from its aftermath. Kevin Hebert, Project Superintendent for Sebastian, grew up in Beaumont. He put out the call for donations for several families he knew personally, who lost nearly everything in the floodwaters.

The response from Sebastian employees and trade partners came swiftly, noted Patti Sebastian.

“For those of you that were able to donate on such short notice last week for us to purchase items for those families in Beaumont affected by Harvey, THANK YOU! In 48 hours, you donated $7,580! It is amazing what people do for people. Donations at times like this can truly be life-changing. Thank you all for you’ve done for our fellow Texans.”

Last weekend, Kevin, his wife and son drove to Beaumont to deliver donated supplies to several families and saw the devastation first hand, “Not one of the 500 homes in the neighborhood was spared.”

While the impact of the destruction was mind-blowing, Kevin said that he was most struck by the resilient attitude of the families he met.

“Both families showed me around their homes. They weren’t simply showing me around to look at the damage and loss they experienced, but they told me the stories of the good times they’ve had there. They only spoke of building back.”

Sebastian Construction Group believes in the impact of neighbors helping neighbors and in the affirming power of rebuilding. The company was proud to donate an additional $10,000 to a Houston neighborhood impacted by the hurricane.

As for Kevin, he’ll spend time helping his Beaumont neighbors salvage what they can and make their homes safe again. Thank you to Kevin and to all the Sebastian team members and trade partners who donated money and time to help our Texan family. [UPDATE: As of 9/18/17, Sebastian staff and trade partners donated over $12,000 for the Beaumont families!]