Webinar Recording

We’re delighted to share the recording of John Sebastian’s webinar, 40 Misconceptions in Planning of High-End Residences. Here’s more about the webinar:

“You just can’t schedule great design.”
“The schedule is controlled by contractor’s subs and the weather.”
“We can always shrink the floor plan later if we need to reduce costs.”

When it comes to planning and designing high end-residences there are many industry myths.

John Sebastian, president of Sebastian Construction Group, recently led fast-paced presentation of the top 40 myths associated with estate project design and construction: the planning process, costs/budgeting, schedule, contractor selection/engagement, the interior designer’s role, building systems planning and building components.

Curious? Click here to watch the webinar, on your own time.

Sebastian brings his unique perspective as an architect, working as a contractor for 35+ years. He will share top misconceptions that he’s found – even among some of the top architects in the field of high-end residential design – along with the valuable lessons learned that you can apply to your projects.

You’ll learn how to:

1. Reduce the number of late design changes, associated re-work and delays.
2. Reduce the surprises, disappointments and frustrations for clients.
3. Deliver a residence with fewer long-term performance problems.
4. Create a more enjoyable construction experience for all involved.

Watch the webinar now.