Many clients know which interior designer they’d most like to work with on their next residence. Perhaps they fell in love with a particular designer’s work after seeing it in their favorite shelter magazine, or experiencing it in a friend’s house.

But when you’re commissioning your first high end custom home, at what stage do you bring on the interior designer? (Wondering about the right time to hire the architect or builder? We’ve got advice for you.)

Here’s what John Sebastian has learned in his 40+ years of building the finest custom residences in Texas:

  • The architect will have a strong opinion as to when to hire the interior designer (often being concerned that the designer will “play architect”).
  • Typically, in modern projects, the architect, in large part, picks out hardware, finishes, materials, etc.
  • With traditional architecture, the interior designer usually advises on the style and placement of cabinetry, hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

Whether traditional  or modern, you’ll want to engage an interior designer to study your new home’s floor plans with furniture plans.

We advocate that the interior designer be involved in selecting fixtures, hardware and other finish elements (and be compensated for these time-consuming efforts!) However, the procurement of the items should be managed by the contractor. This provides a single point of responsibility for scheduling, tracking and expenses. When the right pieces fail to show up on time, the client doesn’t care who is to blame for these delays and problems – everyone on the team is blamed.

Gathering the team — architect, general contractor, landscape architect, interior designer, and other key players — before the project starts can help ensure everyone is on the same page and help avoid surprises.

Sebastian works to maintain strong relationships with the architect, out of mutual respect as well as our passion for architecture and design. We’re driven to execute design intent and pride ourselves on creative problem solving.

John Sebastian’s background (as a trained architect), coupled with his passion for architecture carries through our entire staff.

At Sebastian, we view our role as a collaborator with the project team. We work together to bring the artistic vision into form. Architects we’ve partnered with often say that Sebastian makes their life easy and the process a pleasure.