Project Features

October 23, 2017

Featured: Neal Stewart Design Associates

While some designers have a signature style that marks every project they touch, the work of Neal Stewart Design Associates is chameleon-like: reflecting the personal style of the owner.

Nimbly shifting from modern to traditional to commercial as the project demands, Stewart is versatile and proficient in a range of styles.

The company website nails the core Neal Stewart Design approach:

“Every project, down to the finest detail, is carefully considered, rigorously curated and thoughtfully designed to enrich the lives of all who experience it.”

A 2009 feature in DHome tells the story of Neal Stewart moving apartments within the luxurious Vendome building four times in as many years. The reason? A realtor friend often shows prospective buyers Stewart’s personal dwelling as an “informal model apartment” and four times the buyer made an offer on the designer’s own abode.

Sebastian Construction Group has experienced the work of Neal Stewart Design Associates first hand, on a high-rise build out we call the Mansion residence.

With architecture by Booziotis & Company, this 4,0000 square foot high-rise residential project features bamboo flooring, exotic wood millwork, venetian plaster walls and an extensive art lighting system.