Project Updates

June 25, 2018

Vision comes to life on the Alva Residence

Cut stone being applied

An architecture critic described renderings as “architectural documents that inspire contemplation of the possible rather than confrontation with the actual.”

Those who get our newsletter might remember the Alva Residence (Spring 2016.) This traditional beauty has moved from rendering to reality, from possible to actual, with the implementation of custom stone to the facade.

The design team:

Design Architect: Daniel J Heath (New York)

Architect of Record: Larry E. Boerder (Dallas)

Interior Design: Hayslip Designs (Dallas)

Landscape Architecture: Lambert’s (Dallas)

Project Updates

March 19, 2018

Memorial Residence Takes Shape

Custom details like architectural millwork add the wow factor to high end residences. Or, as Architectural Digest puts it, “ennobling refinements to the architectural details take things up a considerable stylistic notch.”

Mouldings, coffered ceilings, and distinctive fireplace mantels amplify the elegance of a high end residence, giving it distinctive character.

We got a special thrill last week, when we received photos of the nearly finished stone pieces, destined for the Memorial Residence (seen in progress, below.)

Fusch Architects of Dallas, who designed the Memorial residence describe their firm, “Our niche in the market has been a focus on classical design and authentic period detailing.”

Small wonder that architect Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects has designed some of the most spectacular estate homes in Texas, focusing on classical architecture styles found in Europe.

Fusch’s work, dubbed “comfortable glamour,” has been featured in books and publications like Luxe, Veranda and Tuscan Style magazine.

Fusch reveals the source of his and his clients’ design inspiration in a 2017 interview in Luxe Magazine: “Relying on my travels for inspiration is always something I find to be valuable within the design process, but we have many clients who request to emulate architecture they have seen personally through their own travels.”

Wonder where the inspiration for these beautiful details came from?

But you don’t have to travel to Europe to enjoy a taste of Fusch’s work – feast your eyes on one of our previous collaborations, the Preston Hollow Residence, in Dallas. This architecturally significant home features an open air entertainment pavilion and carriage house.

Project Updates

September 25, 2017

High Tech Tools Preserve Nature for Future Estate

Deep in an exclusive Dallas neighborhood, on a quiet morning, a laser scanning crew gathered.

Their mission? To scan and map two tracts of land, including over 600 trees and two buildings, to make way for an estate home and private museum.

The land’s new owner had managed to gather something truly elusive in this part of Dallas: adjoining properties in a tony enclave, peppered with mature trees. Terra firma worthy of showcasing this art enthusiast’s future home and gallery.

Using 3-D laser scanning and a tree protection plan created by a board-certified master arborist, the project team

The architect for the project will use the 3D laser scans, not only to design the project remotely, but also to develop two unique features:

  • The buildings’ foundations will be on piers that can be moved in a 6-foot radius, should the preliminary design impact the roots of the tree.
  • Contractors will hang the outer foundation walls, to avoid destroying nearby trees.

Greg David, master arborist, commented on the unusual nature of the undertaking and his role, “It’s exciting to get in this early on the project and preserve these trees. The roots of these trees extend way way out. Typically, when a contractor wants to save trees, he will draw a circle around the tree, and excavate around that, which doesn’t work because it destroys about 90% of the roots.”

Be sure to head over to the Publications section of our website to read all about this one-of-a-kind project.

Project Updates

April 6, 2017

Project in progress: Miron Residence

This week, a special treat: a sneak peek at one of our In Progress projects, the Miron Residence.

Designed by Specht Architects (Austin/New York), this sleek and open home exemplifies Specht’s ethos as “an innovative and creative firm with rigorous standards for modern design.”

Specht, whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Dwell and Architectural Digest, racks up awards for its modern designs, and we suspect that the Miron Residence will add a few more to the collection when it’s finished.

A brief description of the project, from Specht’s website:

“A large, floating pavilion roof hovers over the interior and exterior rooms of our Preston Hollow house (expected completion in mid-2018). This design was driven by the client’s desire to blur the line between inside and outside, while also providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street.”

“There are multiple courtyards defined by large, frameless sliding glass panels and rough corrugated concrete walls. The house is open and light-filled.”

“Water plays a large part in the design of the house, and also links the exterior and interior spaces. Beginning at the entry, a narrow channel flows through the house to the pool area beyond. At night, lighting within this stream casts changing patterns on the textured walls.”