At Sebastian, we have a list of core values that govern how we operate. Several of those core values outline how we work with our associates, the subcontractors who team with us to build beautiful, high quality homes: -Build each project with the goal of developing lifetime relationships with the client, the architect, and the…

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Labor Day

The road to success in the workplace requires persistence, passion and commitment. At Sebastian, our employees, subcontractors and colleagues demonstrate each day that they have all three and more. From the thousands of hours they put into each project to the thousands of decisions they make that always put quality, integrity and the client at…

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3 elements to consider early in the design process

“Don’t worry about that. The contractor can just add it in later.” Those are words that make us cringe. As part of our ongoing series, 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High End Residences, we highlight three categories of features that are often overlooked in the initial concepts or home designs. Pushing these less glamorous…

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