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April 9, 2018

Architecture Week 2018

National Architecture Week
April 8, 2018 to April 14, 2018

As we reflect on National Architecture Week, we look to one of our partners to express the value of architecture to the world.

Architect Michael Imber, founder of eponymous firm Michael G. Imber Architects, PLLC, appeared on recently, having penned an essay for AD PRO’s Design Takeover, examining art’s changing role in the architecture process.

“In the past, architects were always seen as the ultimate artists, visualizing imaginary buildings and places deep within the recesses of their imagination and teasing them out in paint or pencil.”

[Above: Sebastian Construction Group president, John Sebastian and architect Michael Imber on site at their project, Rancho Sabino Grande.]

Like Imber, we believe that the best architects are the ultimate artists; individuals who weave art and science to create structures that inspire us to our highest selves.

Our passion for architecture drives us to execute the architect’s design intent on every residence we build.

John Sebastian’s background and passion for architecture (he has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Texas Tech University) carries through our entire staff who share the same commitment to faithfully execute the design intent on every project.

At Sebastian, we view our role as collaborator with the architect. We work together to bring the artistic vision into form.