Project Features

September 11, 2017

An Architectural Digest throwback

Today we take a look back at one of our favorite projects, the DeLoache residence, featured in Architectural Digest article, “A Shining Lone Star”.

Carved from an overgrown 9-acre site, this stunning estate was designed by AD100 architect Robert A.M. Stern of New York.

In the AD feature, Stern describes the residence, with characteristic wit, as “English Regency sifted through American Federal.”

Notables Armand LeGardeur led the project, with Ral Morillas responsible for the interior design.

This “exceptional house” as AD calls it, “…with its clever planning, top-drawer materials, venerable proportions and courageous victory over difficult scale, the house seems likely to stand the very test of time it already appears so convincingly to have stood.”

The exterior features lead coated copper, intricate cast stone formed to artist carved molds and custom mahagony windows and doors.

Inside, you’ll find patterned stone floors fabricated in Italy, a natatorium and complex ceiling shapes in plaster throughout.

To see more of this Regency beauty, check out the slideshow on