About Us

Making the Client's Priorities Our Own.

The Sebastian Construction Group approach to the construction process combines features from both Construction Management and traditional General Contracting.

Our goal in the initial pre-construction phase is to view the process through the lens of a critical team member – providing vital budgeting, scheduling, and technical feedback. Even as we enter into the construction process, we continually consider our role as a representative of our client, with all decisions being made as a team. Constant effort is made to ensure that our clients' interests are always at the forefront.

Architect Testimonial, New York, New York.The best description of our performance is through the words of our clients and architects.

Responsibility From Beginning to End.

We also recognize that our clients look to us for full accountability during the entire construction experience. For this reason, we typically enter into an Owner-Contractor Agreement with our clients, based on the AIA document (A-111). This is a guarantee to our clients that Sebastian Construction Group has full responsibility for everything under our scope of services.

Combining Residential and Commercial Expertise.

Our professional staff offers a diverse and experienced background in both high-end residential construction and large-scale commercial contracting. This unique combination of skills allows us to approach construction management blending "the best of both worlds."

We couple the sophisticated project management, contract administration and scheduling systems – typically only found in the largest of commercial contractors – with the attention to detail and passion for quality found most often in smaller, artisan builders.

Recognized for excellence.SCG's body of work has been recognized for decades nationally and published in many of the country's top periodicals.

Strong Assets.
The Skills and Resources Needed for
Highly-Specialized Projects.

Finally, we combine these skill-sets with strong assets typically only found in large-scale commercial general contracting companies: excellent construction management strategies, scheduling software, cost tracking systems, and service oriented professionalism. This background and approach meet the specialized needs of our unique types of projects.

Our attention to detail, appreciation and understanding of the highest standards of quality, and recognition of the personal involvement needed in such demanding projects are all required elements in truly exceptional residential estate construction

Large-Scale Resource Management.SCG has the experience and sophisticated understanding of the unique needs and resource demands for the largest of residential estate construction projects.