Project Features

August 28, 2017

View from above – 5 luxury estates

Aerial photos reveal something that ground level images just can’t capture: the magnitude, breadth and artistry that goes into crafting the grounds of a great estate. These five projects, built by Sebastian, demonstrate the power of landscape architecture to transform the natural and built environment.

Feast your eyes…

Preston Road, designed by Richard Giegengack of Washington DC, with original architecture by DC Broadstone of Dallas. Landscape architect David Rolston of Dallas.

Holloway Residence, designed by Peter Marino Architect, New York. Landscape architecture by Arabella Lennox-Boyd of London.

Highland Park residence, architecture by Quinlan Terry of England and Larry E Boerder Architects of Dallas. Landscape architecture by Charles J Stick of Charlottesville VA.

Desert 1 Residence. Architect: Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles. Landscape architecture: Robert E Truskowski of Laguna Beach.

DeLoache residence, architecture and landscape architecture by Robert AM Stern Architects of New York.