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Archive for 2019

In Progress: Pecan Bluff

Sebastian Construction Group is excited to share construction progress on Pecan Bluff, a new ranch project in Oklahoma, designed by Will Clinton of Clinton + Company. (Take a peek at additional renderings of the ranch from the Clinton + Company website.) About Clinton + Company Clinton + Company uses the latest technology to create an…

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Subcontractor Appreciation Lunch

At Sebastian, we have a list of core values that govern how we operate. Two of those core values outline how we work with our associates, the subcontractors who team with us to build beautiful, high quality custom homes: Build each project as a team – with the goal of the project being successful for…

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Detail-oriented, by design

At Sebastian, we’re a little spoiled. After all, we get to enjoy quality craftsmanship and architecturally significant design every day. And while each home we build is undeniably beautiful, often it’s the details that make a particular project stand out. Our love of executing each detail flawlessly is one of the reasons that we enjoy…

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