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Special Deliveries

We often say that the building process for custom estate homes at this scale has more in common with commercial construction than traditional residential. While we are sometimes referring to the complexity of the project, it can also mean using commercial construction equipment that you just wouldn’t expect to see on a typical residential job…

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Sneak Peek inside Fusch-Designed Home

Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects has designed some of the most spectacular estate homes in Texas, focusing on classical architecture styles found in Europe. Fusch reveals the source of his and his clients’ design inspiration in a 2017 interview in Luxe Magazine: “Relying on my travels for inspiration is always something I find to be valuable within the…

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Modern Monday: Strait Lane, Architecturally Significant Home

Hello, gorgeous. We smiled a little when we saw this ad pop up on local news websites. After all, this home is near and dear to us, both as an architectural masterpiece and as a piece of living history. Strait Lane was originally built in the 1960s for Dallas construction company founder, Henry C. Beck…

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