July 16, 2018

Two keys to hiring the right architect for you

Welcome to another tip from the Key to a Successful Construction Project series, where Sebastian shares its advice and lessons learned from 70+ years of building high end residential estate homes.


“If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” –Robert Baden-Powell

Listening is one of the most important but least mentioned skills in architecture. It can be tempting to hire the architect with the most awards or the recent Architectural Digest feature, but if you meet with her or him and don’t feel rapport, you won’t be happy with the project.

A great architect will listen to your ideas, your wants and needs and will then ask questions to clarify that understanding. If your wish list can’t be accommodated, the great architect will offer alternative ideas to meet your goals.

Here’s another bit of advice from our Keys to Successful Construction projects, related to the architect-client relationship: Hire an architect who has designed several houses in the style you love.

Most experienced architects have developed a particular aesthetic and broad design style that they enjoy creating and have honed for years. Some excel at sleek modernism, while others are proud classicists.

Love Mediterranean? Tudor? Mid-Century Modern?

Make sure that you view your preferred architect’s portfolio to determine the level of experience in that design style. Having designed multiple homes in your preferred style helps the architect hone his or her skill in that particular style, knowing how to apply style-specific features to suit your unique space.

Project Features

July 9, 2018

Featured: William Peace, Peace Designs

Based in Atlanta, in demand all over the US, interior designer William Peace of Peace Designs, is known for simple, authentic, restful interiors that incorporate the client’s lifestyle seamlessly.

A recent profile in Architectural Digest followed Peace for an exhausting few days, traveling by plane, helicopter and Uber between his home base in Atlanta and his projects in south Texas and Montana. One of the projects Peace visits in the day-in-the-life article is a collaboration with architect Michael G. Imber and Sebastian Construction Group, our Utopia ranch project.

Utopia Texas Ranch built by Sebastian Construction Group

“Authentic, reflective, soothing and timeless interiors” are the hallmarks of Peace Designs’ work. Featured in premier magazines like Veranda, Architectural Digest and Western Interiors, his work has also been feted in books like Ranches of the American West.

Another Architectural Digest feature, Back to the Ranch, highlighted Peace’s collaboration with architect Candace Tillotson-Miller, on a twelve-building ranch compound with spectacular views of the mountains of Montana. The feature commended a hallmark of his work: his use of “indigenous materials to create a historical sense of place.” Peace patrons eschew flashy or cliched environments.

It’s no surprise that Peace’s work has accumulated prestigious award after award, including the National ASID Project award for residential interiors and Southeastern Designer of the Year. We know that there will be many more to come.


July 2, 2018

Independence Day

This Independence Day, we are taking a step back to cherish our life and the country we live in, while appreciating the sacrifices people made to give us independence today.

“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Project Updates

June 25, 2018

Vision comes to life on the Alva Residence

Cut stone being applied

An architecture critic described renderings as “architectural documents that inspire contemplation of the possible rather than confrontation with the actual.”

Those who get our newsletter might remember the Alva Residence (Spring 2016.) This traditional beauty has moved from rendering to reality, from possible to actual, with the implementation of custom stone to the facade.

The design team:

Design Architect: Daniel J Heath (New York)

Architect of Record: Larry E. Boerder (Dallas)

Interior Design: Hayslip Designs (Dallas)

Landscape Architecture: Lambert’s (Dallas)