Project Features

June 12, 2017

10 unique doors and entrances

An entrance. A transition.

Doors and doorways separate the interior and exterior of a building, creating a literal and a figurative passage point. Architecture enthusiast website, calls the door, “that pivotal point where architecture first greets the user.”

Say hello to 10 doorways, all from Sebastian projects. These transition points can create a visual invitation to enter, while others blend tranquilly into the surrounding structure.

Westwick residence. Architect: Overland Partners Architects, San Antonio, TX

The design of Westwick, a modern home for art was based on Overland’s belief that “art is integral to the human experience helped the team bring intimate and gallery spaces together into one harmonious design.”

St. Johns Residence. Architect: Larry E Boerder Architects, Dallas, TX

St. Ives residence. Architect: LM Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Oaks residence, another classical beauty by Larry E Boerder Architects.

Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture, Dallas, TX.

Holloway residence by Peter Marino Architect, New York, NY.

Desert Residence II. Architect: Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles

Brazos Ranch. Architect: Ford Powell & Carson.

Another spectacular entryway at Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture.

Massive double doors frame the courtyard. Desert Residence I by Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles.