Project Features

October 17, 2016

Spotlight on Specht Architects

Sebastian is excited to be teaming on a new project with Specht Architects, on of the leading modern design firms in Texas.

Specht, which has offices in Austin and New York, describes itself as “an innovative and creative firm with rigorous standards for modern design.” We completely agree.

In 2013, the Texas Society of Architects featured founder Scott Specht on its Architects Talking to Architects blog and asked about his inspiration.

“I love the highly-engineered yet usually unnoticed materials and products that are around us. Things like plastic ice-cube trays, temporary roadway barriers, stackable Coke crates, and styrofoam packaging can often inspire ideas that work outside the standard palette of architectural materials. On occasion, I’ve been able to directly deploy these things in my projects, but that takes a client willing to go along.” ~Scott Specht, AIA

Our Miron project with Specht is just getting started, but until we can show in-progress photos, here’s some architectural eye candy. Visit for more photos and project details.

Photography: Andrea Calo
Architect: Specht Harpman