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Green Building
Smart Use of Our Resources Simply Makes Sense

Sebastian understands the increasing importance of building each of their projects with as much sensitivity to the environment as possible. We recognize the enormous potential in making even our largest projects green in almost every area. From initial cost savings in the beginning, to the long-term performance of the building, to the operating costs over the lifetime of the residence, to being smart about the use of our resources: it simply makes sense. It just takes a commitment from the entire project team and good planning from the inception of the project.

Sebastian's experienced staff - including LEEP AP certified associates - are often asked to lead these "green" efforts. After a thorough review of the initial design drawings, Sebastian develops a customized and comprehensive checklist that touches all facets of the project.

Green Checklist
  • Design / Architecture
  • Building Materials
  • Building Envelop
  • Building Systems (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)
  • Equipment
  • Site / Landscaping
  • Pre-Construction
  • During Construction
  • Post-Construction

LEEDS Certified Silver.On this complex project, SCG was involved very early with the design team to develop the highly customized "Green Building Plan" required for this high-level of certification.

Our Approach

Items are prioritized as a team. Members study initial cost impact and life cycle costing. The Green Building Plan is then finalized and commitments are made by the entire project team. This plan is then monitored at regular intervals both in the design phase as well as during construction. Sebastian also helps develop a post-move-in program for their clients to maintain and maximize the green qualities of their new residence.

Sebastian welcomes our inquiries on this increasingly important subject and is firmly committed to this critical environmental responsibility.