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January 8, 2018

Four from Architectural Digest’s AD100 list

The new year is here and with it comes the slate of ‘Best of’ lists. One that caught our eye recently was Architectural Digest’s 2018 AD100, the design magazine’s list of 100 tastemakers in architecture and design.

We’d like to put the spotlight on a few select members of the AD100 that we’ve had the pleasure to partner with:

Atelier AM

Led by husband and wife duo, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, the Los Angeles-based interior design firm specializes in “edited, elegant, cultivated interiors blending pedigreed furnishings with modern and contemporary art.”

Sebastian Construction Group teamed with Atelier AM and Hablinski-Manion architects on our Desert II project below, where we experienced the firm’s uncommon vision firsthand. (See more of the Desert II residence here.)

Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi Ltd

The interior design firm was lauded on the AD100 list for it’s “Focus on things being simpler and freer, released from the constraining chains of overdesign.”

And our Highland Park residence is the perfect example of Zervadachi’s simple, classic interiors.

Next, we admire the work of two renowned architects on the AD100 Hall of Fame list. The AD100 Hall of Fame is a highly curated list of the most influential architects and designers.

Peter Marino Architect

Architectural Digest says, “Peter Marino dreams up showstopping retail spaces and residences that both dazzle the eye and advance the cultural conversation.” After partnering on the showstopping residence known as Holloway (or the Crespi Estate), we know why Peter Marino has been featured everywhere from Vogue to 60 Minutes.

Robert A.M. Stern

One of our favorite projects, Sebastian Construction Group collaborated with AD100 Hall of Fame architect, Robert A.M. Stern on the the DeLoache residence (featured in the Architectural Digest article, “A Shining Lone Star”.)

This “exceptional house” as AD calls it, “…with its clever planning, top-drawer materials, venerable proportions and courageous victory over difficult scale, the house seems likely to stand the very test of time it already appears so convincingly to have stood.”

In the News

January 1, 2018

Sebastian’s Winter 2017 newsletter

Happy New Year! Our Winter newsletter edition is out and it features photos of our stunning modern project, the Turtle Creek residence.

Welch Architecture

Interior Designer:
Cadwallader Design

Landscape Architect:
The Garden Design Studio

You can see more images of the Turtle Creek project here.

And if you want to enjoy gorgeous images of the latest projects from Sebastian Construction, delivered to your mailbox, email

We send out our newsletter a few times a year and our clients and partners agree – it’s a visual treat. (Some of our partners even keep it in their office.)


December 25, 2017

Holiday Wishes

At this special time of year, we give thanks for clients and partners like you who have made our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling.

May peace and plenty be the first,

To lift the latch on your door,

And happiness be guided to your home,

By the candle of Christmas.

Recent Stories

December 19, 2017

SURVEY: 2018 State of High End Architecture

As one of the most established contractors of residential estates, we often are asked what trends we see in our market segment: project costs, size, health of the market, and more. So this year, we developed a short survey to ask architects those exact questions. The survey should take 6-8 minutes to complete.

Click on the graphic below to participate (or click here).

After we have collected and analyzed the responses, we will send you the results in a report.

Your response is very much appreciated and we believe that the report will be valuable and insightful to you as you make decisions in 2018.

One more thing – please share this invitation with your colleagues and network. Every response will strengthen the report that we compile.

Thank you for your participation!

Project Features

December 11, 2017

Dispatches from a South Texas Ranch Project

Deep in the oasis of Texas hill country, a new ranch project is underway. At Sebastian, we relish building these retreats, set amidst stunning vistas that exude a sense of calm and tranquility.

Working remotely can be a challenge, but it gives us a chance to offer economic opportunity to people who are local to the project: the skilled tradesmen whose work helps bring plans to life.

A jobsite photo from early in the construction.

South Texas is where the buffalo (and deer and other wildlife) roam. Literally.

Above: Sebastian Construction Group’s president, John Sebastian and the ranch project’s architect Michael Imber, FAIA. The website of Michael G. Imber Architects describes the in-progress project:

“The construction of the ranch residence is of solid masonry in keeping with the owners’ desire for a structure built to last generations. Exterior walls are of white plaster and traditional lime wash over stone and roofed with a soft colored flat terracotta tile, wood shingles and traditional thatching.”

Sebastian team members, gathered outside the project.

Utopia Texas Ranch built by Sebastian Construction GroupA view from above.

Project Features

December 4, 2017

Featured: AD100 Interior Design firm Atelier AM

The Architectural Digest’s AD100 for 2018 list is out and interior design firm Atelier AM makes another appearance among the collection of tastemakers.

Led by husband and wife duo, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, the Los Angeles-based firm specializes in “edited, elegant, cultivated interiors blending pedigreed furnishings with modern and contemporary art.”

Sebastian Construction Group teamed with Atelier AM and Hablinski-Manion architects on our Desert II project below, where we experienced the firm’s uncommon vision firsthand.

Atelier AM projects range from New York penthouses and Aspen vacation homes to luxe Las Vegas compounds. Profiled in the Wall Street Journal for their work with business titans and A-list Hollywood moguls, this exclusive firm “specializes in conjuring the effects of age in otherwise contemporary settings.”

Project Features

November 27, 2017

Featured: Eleanor Cummings Interior Design

Houston based interior designer Eleanor Cummings is the owner of the eponymous firm Eleanor Cummings Interior Design. Her work has been featured in Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Homes, Paper City, and Country Homes.

Cumming’s design style, described as “elegant yet welcoming” in a Traditional Home feature, uses a mix of materials, particularly reclaimed materials and “unexpected touches” to create visual interest while maintaining an emphasis on comfort.

A Georgia native, Cummings became a Houstonian in the 1980s, when she took at job with Houston Home and Garden Magazine. She formed her own firm in 1986, typically working extensively in the Houston area, but occasionally as far flung as California and Maine.

The designer’s own country house, a French farmhouse just outside Round Top, Texas, has racked up glowing features on blogs and magazines alike, winning accolades for its cozy charm and “elegantly practical” use of materials ranging from painted concrete floors to a “19th-century French limestone fireplace sourced from Chateau Domingue.”

Image courtesy of PaperCity Magazine | Photograph by Tim Street-Porter

Eleanor Cummings Interior Designs’ current projects include a collaboration with Sebastian and Fusch Architects on what we call the Memorial Residence. Check back for more on this amazing project as it’s completed.


November 20, 2017


As we ponder the precious lessons we learned this year, we also look back at the wonderful memories and good people who were part of our lives.

At Sebastian, we have a list of core values that govern how we operate. One of those is particularly focused on our relationships with the people who team with us to build beautiful, high quality homes:

Build each project with the goal of developing lifetime relationships with the client, the architect and the rest of the team. We recognize that these relationships have been and will be reason for our continued success.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, laughter and remembrances of good times. Happy Thanksgiving!


November 13, 2017

Three luxury construction pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

In the process of building luxury estate homes for the last 70 years, we’ve learned a few valuable lessons. We’ve been sharing those lessons through presentations that we’ve delivered to professional organizations and companies.

Here are three Misconceptions in the Planning of High End Residences that can plague residential construction projects. But there’s good news – they can all be avoided through strong leadership and firm project management.

Misconception 1

Misconception: “The design process is an organic thing that evolves uniquely for each project; you simply can’t schedule it and we sure can’t predict when construction can start.”

The Reality: It is a healthy thing for a project to have target dates for every phase in the project’s planning and development – including an actual commencement of construction date.

It keeps a client excited knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Having deadlines makes it real!

And if it gets delayed because of the client, it is important that they understand how their actions have affected the timeline.

Misconception 2

Misconception: “Some clients just cannot visualize what the design will actually look like, making it inevitable that you’ll have to tear out some completed work.”

The Reality: Do whatever it takes to make sure the client understands that they are getting by using 3D modeling, physical models, mock-ups, renderings, etc. All of these tools are going to much less costly than tearing out completed work.

Misconception 3

Misconception: “Our clients recognize when their actions (or lack of action) causes delays in the construction schedule.”

The Reality: The most emotional and contentious discussion you’ll have with the client is when you have to tell them that they caused a delay in their project’s schedule. They will not believe that they were at fault.

Prevent this uncomfortable conversation with “Hot Lists” that define the information and actions needed to keep the project on schedule. The Contractor should distribute this list weekly, with responsible party clearly noted. As professionals, we should all be accountable.

Project Features

November 6, 2017

The classical fireplace

Fireplaces create a feeling of warmth and coziness in the largest of homes. And while Texas weather makes a fireplace more of a amenity than a necessity, an open fire gives any gathering a relaxed feel and creates an elegant focal point for the room.

The fireplace at St. John’s residence, by Larry E. Boerder Architect, is classical design at its best. Like a little black dress, it’s always in style.


The fireplace at the Highland Park residence, again by Larry E Boerder, with Quinlan Terry of England, features classic Corinthian columns. Interiors by Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi Ltd bring the firm’s London sensibility to Dallas.

No collection of classical fireplaces in Sebastian-built homes would be complete without Preston Road by architect Richard Giegengack of Washington DC, and Dallas’ DC Broadstone. This massively scaled fireplace with its walnut and mahogany milwork commands your attention the moment you enter the room.

Project Features

October 31, 2017

A Look at Architect Max Levy

The 2017 jury for the Texas Society of Architects O’Neil Ford Medal for Design Achievement named Max Levy, FAIA, as this year’s honoree. It’s the latest in a string of awards Levy has received for his body of work.

“Levy is revered for his carefully crafted Modernist designs and his sympathy for the environment,” Helen Thompson, Editor at Large for Luxury Interiors Texas, writes on her design blog, describing a recent Levy project, an East Texas inspiring house for the founder of the Container Store.

Real estate blog, Candy’s Dirt, featured a Max Levy Architect project on the market in Addison, Texas in 2015. A “timelessly modern” residence (despite being built more than twenty years ago!), this home exemplifies Levy’s use of glass to bring nature into everyday living.

[Photo: Candy's Dirt]

Lauded for using “basic materials and simple construction”, Texas Architect magazine, the O’Neil Ford Medal jurors commend “the celebration of humanity that is palpable in all his projects.”

“Working in a small studio, Levy and his collaborators make optimistic and cheerful buildings that are sensitive and exquisitely scaled to their settings.”

Sebastian worked with Max Levy on the Twin Coves residence project, one that is indeed “sensitive and exquisitely scaled” to its setting.

Early in his career, Levy trained with noted Dallas modernist, Bud Oglesby.

Glass, clean lines and simple materials convey a sense of peace and harmony.

Project Features

October 23, 2017

Featured: Neal Stewart Design Associates

While some designers have a signature style that marks every project they touch, the work of Neal Stewart Design Associates is chameleon-like: reflecting the personal style of the owner.

Nimbly shifting from modern to traditional to commercial as the project demands, Stewart is versatile and proficient in a range of styles.

The company website nails the core Neal Stewart Design approach:

“Every project, down to the finest detail, is carefully considered, rigorously curated and thoughtfully designed to enrich the lives of all who experience it.”

A 2009 feature in DHome tells the story of Neal Stewart moving apartments within the luxurious Vendome building four times in as many years. The reason? A realtor friend often shows prospective buyers Stewart’s personal dwelling as an “informal model apartment” and four times the buyer made an offer on the designer’s own abode.

Sebastian Construction Group has experienced the work of Neal Stewart Design Associates first hand, on a high-rise build out we call the Mansion residence.

With architecture by Booziotis & Company, this 4,0000 square foot high-rise residential project features bamboo flooring, exotic wood millwork, venetian plaster walls and an extensive art lighting system.

Project Features

October 9, 2017

Home on the Ranch

A refuge from the bustle.

A calming oasis.

Home, in the heart of nature.

At Sebastian, we’ve constructed castles in neighborhood enclaves and finished high-rise apartments atop city centers, but ranch homes continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

These quiet retreats, set amidst stunning vistas exude a sense of calm and tranquility. Natural materials harmonize with the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at three – different and beautiful – ranch projects built by Sebastian.

Aledo Ranch

Architecture by Turner-Boaz-Stocker, Architects (Dallas.)

This project featured a new residence, game pavilion and site development.

Aledo boasts stone walls and flooring, antique timber trusses, geo-thermal HVAC system, a standing seam copper roof, Texas limestone veneer, plus Hope Steel windows and doors.

Utopia Ranch

Utopia Texas Ranch built by Sebastian Construction Group

Brazos Ranch

Brazos Ranch, by architect Ford, Powell & Carson of San Antonio, uses glass connecting galleries to tie together the various buildings of the hilltop ranch compound and to showcase the Brazos River valley views.

One of our premier San Antonio homes, Brazos Ranch bears the hallmarks of Ford Powell & Carson’s signature style: living in harmony with nature.

This spacious ranch house was carefully sited among century old live oak trees and overlooks the vast Brazos River Valley. The landscape architect is Thomas Bradley & Associates of San Antonio.

The exterior design, modeled to resemble a South American Hacienda, includes regional materials such as clay tile roofing, stucco and locally quarried stone, as well as custom fabricated wood windows.

In the News

October 2, 2017

ICAA John Staub Award

We got a bit of fun news last week when we learned that a Sebastian-built project Sebastian won a 2017 John Staub award from ICAA Texas.

The Spanish Colonial Cabana won the Addition/Renovation/Folly category. This delightful mini building, part of what we call the Beverly Residence, was designed by architects Larry E. Boerder and Daniel Heath.

Boerder commented via Instagram, “ICAA Texas Chapter 2017 John Staub Award. Quite proud to have won for one of our smallest projects ever.”

Even a petit bâtiment like the cabana deserves stylish interiors and Laura Lee Clark met the challenge beautifully.


The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the practice and appreciation of the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts. The Texas chapter, the fastest growing in the US, organizes extensive public education programs, including lectures, exhibits, walking and travel tours, and conferences.

John Staub awards

In 2011, the Texas Chapter of ICAA launched the inaugural John Staub Awards, in honor of Houston architect, John Fanz Staub, known over his 40 year career for combining elements from historic styles to create homes that were unique and stately.

The John Staub Awards recognizes national and local practitioners who are committed to promoting excellence in both classical and vernacular traditions within Texas and beyond.

More 2017 John Staub award winners

Curtis & Windham scooped up two residential architecture awards, one for the 5000 – 10,000 feet category and another in the ‘more than 10,000 sf’ category.

It was no surprise to see Hull Historical named the winner in the Craftsmanship category for its Historic Millwork category – English & French.

Project Updates

September 25, 2017

High Tech Tools Preserve Nature for Future Estate

Deep in an exclusive Dallas neighborhood, on a quiet morning, a laser scanning crew gathered.

Their mission? To scan and map two tracts of land, including over 600 trees and two buildings, to make way for an estate home and private museum.

The land’s new owner had managed to gather something truly elusive in this part of Dallas: adjoining properties in a tony enclave, peppered with mature trees. Terra firma worthy of showcasing this art enthusiast’s future home and gallery.

Using 3-D laser scanning and a tree protection plan created by a board-certified master arborist, the project team

The architect for the project will use the 3D laser scans, not only to design the project remotely, but also to develop two unique features:

  • The buildings’ foundations will be on piers that can be moved in a 6-foot radius, should the preliminary design impact the roots of the tree.
  • Contractors will hang the outer foundation walls, to avoid destroying nearby trees.

Greg David, master arborist, commented on the unusual nature of the undertaking and his role, “It’s exciting to get in this early on the project and preserve these trees. The roots of these trees extend way way out. Typically, when a contractor wants to save trees, he will draw a circle around the tree, and excavate around that, which doesn’t work because it destroys about 90% of the roots.”

Be sure to head over to the Publications section of our website to read all about this one-of-a-kind project.

In the News

September 18, 2017

$17,580 donated in 48 hours for hurricane relief

Employees say that one of the most appealing qualities of working at Sebastian is the family feeling among the entire staff. Last week, the Sebastian Construction Group family came together in a big way to help families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The city of Beaumont, Texas was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm. and is still reeling from its aftermath. Kevin Hebert, Project Superintendent for Sebastian, grew up in Beaumont. He put out the call for donations for several families he knew personally, who lost nearly everything in the floodwaters.

The response from Sebastian employees and trade partners came swiftly, noted Patti Sebastian.

“For those of you that were able to donate on such short notice last week for us to purchase items for those families in Beaumont affected by Harvey, THANK YOU! In 48 hours, you donated $7,580! It is amazing what people do for people. Donations at times like this can truly be life-changing. Thank you all for you’ve done for our fellow Texans.”

Last weekend, Kevin, his wife and son drove to Beaumont to deliver donated supplies to several families and saw the devastation first hand, “Not one of the 500 homes in the neighborhood was spared.”

While the impact of the destruction was mind-blowing, Kevin said that he was most struck by the resilient attitude of the families he met.

“Both families showed me around their homes. They weren’t simply showing me around to look at the damage and loss they experienced, but they told me the stories of the good times they’ve had there. They only spoke of building back.”

Sebastian Construction Group believes in the impact of neighbors helping neighbors and in the affirming power of rebuilding. The company was proud to donate an additional $10,000 to a Houston neighborhood impacted by the hurricane.

As for Kevin, he’ll spend time helping his Beaumont neighbors salvage what they can and make their homes safe again. Thank you to Kevin and to all the Sebastian team members and trade partners who donated money and time to help our Texan family. [UPDATE: As of 9/18/17, Sebastian staff and trade partners donated over $12,000 for the Beaumont families!]

Project Features

September 11, 2017

An Architectural Digest throwback

Today we take a look back at one of our favorite projects, the DeLoache residence, featured in Architectural Digest article, “A Shining Lone Star”.

Carved from an overgrown 9-acre site, this stunning estate was designed by AD100 architect Robert A.M. Stern of New York.

In the AD feature, Stern describes the residence, with characteristic wit, as “English Regency sifted through American Federal.”

Notables Armand LeGardeur led the project, with Ral Morillas responsible for the interior design.

This “exceptional house” as AD calls it, “…with its clever planning, top-drawer materials, venerable proportions and courageous victory over difficult scale, the house seems likely to stand the very test of time it already appears so convincingly to have stood.”

The exterior features lead coated copper, intricate cast stone formed to artist carved molds and custom mahagony windows and doors.

Inside, you’ll find patterned stone floors fabricated in Italy, a natatorium and complex ceiling shapes in plaster throughout.

To see more of this Regency beauty, check out the slideshow on

Project Features

September 5, 2017

Featured: Fusch Architects

“Our niche in the market has been a focus on classical design and authentic period detailing.”

Small wonder that architect Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects has designed some of the most spectacular estate homes in Texas, focusing on classical architecture styles found in Europe.

The firm, which began in 1976, specializes in private residences and estate planning. Mr. Fusch himself works directly on every project.

Fusch reveals the source of his and his clients’ design inspiration in a 2017 interview in Luxe Magazine: “Relying on my travels for inspiration is always something I find to be valuable within the design process, but we have many clients who request to emulate architecture they have seen personally through their own travels.”

You don’t have to travel to France or England to enjoy a taste of Fusch’s work – feast your eyes on our Preston Hollow Residence, in Dallas. This architecturally significant home features an open air entertainment pavilion and carriage house.

The home’s exterior includes traditional stucco with Mankato cut stone detailing, clay tile roofing and imported cut limestone detailing.

Jerusalem limestone and antique stone flooring appear extensively throughout this estate. Special paint finishes add to its authentic European appeal.


Project Features

August 28, 2017

View from above – 5 luxury estates

Aerial photos reveal something that ground level images just can’t capture: the magnitude, breadth and artistry that goes into crafting the grounds of a great estate. These five projects, built by Sebastian, demonstrate the power of landscape architecture to transform the natural and built environment.

Feast your eyes…

Preston Road, designed by Richard Giegengack of Washington DC, with original architecture by DC Broadstone of Dallas. Landscape architect David Rolston of Dallas.

Holloway Residence, designed by Peter Marino Architect, New York. Landscape architecture by Arabella Lennox-Boyd of London.

Highland Park residence, architecture by Quinlan Terry of England and Larry E Boerder Architects of Dallas. Landscape architecture by Charles J Stick of Charlottesville VA.

Desert 1 Residence. Architect: Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles. Landscape architecture: Robert E Truskowski of Laguna Beach.

DeLoache residence, architecture and landscape architecture by Robert AM Stern Architects of New York.

Project Features

August 21, 2017

The Modern Art House

These three modern marvels have something in common: all house museum-worthy art collections. And not just stored in seldom-used rooms or hallways.

As one of the homeowners said in an interview in Art News, they want “to live with the art, not just visit it.” Fortunately, these three sets of owners collaborated with architects who excel at creating livable spaces around contemporary art.

The University Park residence above, was redesigned specifically for the owners’ sizable holdings of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. Designed by Overland Partners. Interiors by Cadwallader Design.

McKinney residence. Architecture by Booziotis & Company. Interiors by Nancy Leib.

Strait Lane residence. Original architecture by Philip Johnson. Renovations and interiors by Bodron + Fruit.

Project Features

August 7, 2017

Seven striking staircases

These seven staircases (all from Sebastian projects) are proof that even transitional spaces can be artfully designed. These eye-catching stairs are perfect for making grand entrances.

The staircase at the St. John’s residence, designed by Larry E. Boerder, with interiors by Betty Lou Phillips, evokes a picture-postcard perfect Christmas morning.

The staircase at Preston Road, below, originally designed by DC Broadstone and remodeled by Richard Giegengack, with interior design by John Phifer Marrs Interiors.

Larry E Boerder Architects designed the gorgeous staircase at the Oaks residence, while Kirsten-Kelli created the interiors.

San Antonio’s Lake | Flato Architects designed the clean-lined modern stairs at the Watuaga residence (with interiors by Nancy Leib.)

Highland Park is another residence designed by Quinlan Terry and updated by the inimitable Larry E Boerder. London’s Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi Ltd designed the interiors.

Hablinski-Manion Architects show their unique style in the Desert I residence, with interiors by Hallberg Wiseley Designers.

Striking black and white lacquer stairs make a strong visual impact in the DeLoache residence, designed by Robert AM Stern Architects.

In the News

July 31, 2017

Sebastian Speaking at AIA Summer Conference in Austin

On Friday, a team from Sebastian will be sharing our popular presentation, Top 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High-End Residences at the AIA Austin’s Summer Conference.

The Sebastian team hits the stage at 1pm on Friday, where we’ll talk about common misconceptions that undermine your luxury project results and ways to avoid them.

This two day educational event also features AIA President Tom Vonier, FAIA and Dean of the UT School of Architecture, Michelle Addington as Keynote Speakers.

See you in Austin!

Project Features

July 25, 2017

Featured: Corley Design Associates

While some interior designers boast about their signature style, the website of Corley Design Associates proudly touts that the firm has “no signature style.” Principals Dawn Bergman and Julie Stryker – professionals who worked alongside founder David Corley for 15 years – believe that not being known for a particular design aesthetic lets them put “clients’ likes and dislikes first, thus helping them develop and hone their own personal style.”

David Corley Interior Design launched in 1993, after a partnership with Joe Minton as Minton-Corley. Today, Bergan and Stryker continue to carry out David’s vision, style, and impeccable reputation.

Eschewing trends for “quality and timelessness” Corley Design Associates’ work appears in books, in magazines and on awards across Texas and beyond. A Dallas perennial favorite, CDA has been named a Best Designer by DHome in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Let’s take a closer look at a Sebastian/Corley Design Associates collaboration, Aledo Ranch. With architecture by Turner Boaz, this project artfully melds cowboy-chic with sublime comfort and a touch of whimsy.

Project Features

July 17, 2017

In progress: Preston Hollow Residence by Booziotis

Enjoy a sneak peek at this sleek modern residence, designed by the inimitable Bill Booziotis, who passed away June 2016. The Dallas News called Booziotis one of Dallas’ “most thoughtful and beloved figures.” We couldn’t agree more – Bill was a brilliant architect who made work a pleasure.

He has forever left his mark on Dallas, through his service to community and through unique homes like this one, currently under construction in Preston Hollow.

Project Manager: Len Lewis
Field Superintendent: Kevin Hebert
Project Engineer: Trent Wilkins
Pre-Construction Manager: Kris Fincher

Architecture: Booziotis & Company (Dallas)
Associate Architects: Jess Galloway and Maria Nadeau

Landscape Architecture: Kevin Sloan Studio (Dallas)
Interior Design: Ronnberg Associates, Inc. (Denver)

Preston Hollow Modern - In Progress


July 12, 2017

Sebastian Summer 2017 Newsletter

If you want stunning images of the latest projects from Sebastian Construction, delivered to your mailbox, sign up for our newsletter by emailing

We only send it out a few times a year and it’s a visual treat. (Some of our partners even keep it in their office.)

The Summer 2017 edition also features a peek at in-progress project in Preston Hollow, designed by the inimitable Bill Booziotis.

[Photo: Dan Piassick Photography]


July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day from Sebastian Construction Group

“The things that the flag stands for were created by the experiences of a great people. Everything that it stands for was written by their lives. The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history.”—President Woodrow Wilson

“There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.”—Alexander Hamilton

This week at Sebastian we are taking time to remember those who worked hard and those who committed acts of bravery and heroism, to ensure a better future for us.

Happy Independence Day, from our families to yours.

Project Features

June 26, 2017

Trend file: Spectacular wine cellars

Step aside, France and Italy. Despite Europe’s vino-loving reputation, the US has been the largest wine consuming nation since 2010.

The Silicon Valley Bank’s 2017 State of the Wine Industry report has good news for both the industry and for wine consumers: wine sales are up, unemployment is down. The report also points to trends such as the growth in demand for higher-end wines and the steady increase of per-capita consumption.

As our love of wine grows, so does our desire to make wine enjoyment integral to our daily lives.

At Sebastian, we’ve witnessed this firsthand. Rather than stashing their collection in a dusty basement closet, owners of Sebastian-built homes are having custom wine cellars and wine caves designed, with all the creature comforts you can imagine.

Pop a cork and enjoy these premium custom wine cellars:

Argyle Residence

Architect: Ford Powell & Carson, San Antonio

Interior Designer: Neal Stewart Design Associates, Dallas


Brazos Ranch

Architect: Ford Powell & Carson, San Antonio


Crescent (two preceding images)

Architect: Richard Drummond Davis, Dallas
Interior Designer: Deborah Walker, Dallas


Lennox Lane

Architect: Larry E Boerder Architects, Dallas
Interior Designer: Pam Kelley & Associates, Dallas

Project Features

June 19, 2017

Featured: Turner-Boaz Architecture

1992. The Washington Redskins were Superbowl champs and box-office smash A Few Good Men had us all practicing our Nicholson impression.

It’s also when Weldon Turner and Brett Boaz, two HKS Architects alums, joined forces to form Turner|Boaz Architecture. The early training at one of the nation’s largest architecture firms instilled a high standard for quality drawings and specifications – one typical of commercial architecture.

(Like Turner|Boaz, Sebastian Construction Group models its construction practices after commercial firms.)

And just as their website says, Turner|Boaz Architecture strives to produce buildings that are “technically excellent, programmatically efficient and aesthetically delightful.” You can find Turner|Boaz Architecture projects delighting homeowners in nearly a dozen states, especially Texas.

There are a number of high end architecture firms doing excellent work in Texas. What’s the differentiator for Turner| Boaz?

Attention to detail.

“We decided that our drawings were going to be very good. We melded commercial with residential. We looked at Frank Welch’s level of detail and elevated that by bringing in our HKS experience and commercial drawings,” said Weldon Turner in a 2015 DHome feature.

Let’s take a closer look at two Turner|Boaz / Sebastian Construction Group collaborations:

Aledo Ranch

Aledo Ranch features stone walls and flooring, antique timber trusses and a geo-thermal HVAC system. The exterior boasts a standing seam copper roof and Texas limestone veneer, with HOPE’s steel windows and doors.

Interiors by David Corley Interior Design of Dallas.

Landscape Architecture by Dallas favorite, Armstrong-Berger.

Miramar Residence

Miramar Residence, a Spanish Colonial Revival, combined traditional stucco with Mankato cut stone detailing and clay tile roofing. Interior designer Lynn Sears Interiors of Dallas and landscape architect Armstrong Berger created an oasis in Highland Park.

Real estate blogger, Candy Evans commends the meticulous design and construction of the Miramar home:

“…built to enlighten and entertain crowds who can appreciate the attention to detail in the curved arches, the carved columns, and every hand finished tile in this John Sebastian-built mansion.”

For more stunning images of the Miramar Residence, pore over this 2013 profile on the real estate website, Candy’s Dirt.

Project Features

June 12, 2017

10 unique doors and entrances

An entrance. A transition.

Doors and doorways separate the interior and exterior of a building, creating a literal and a figurative passage point. Architecture enthusiast website, calls the door, “that pivotal point where architecture first greets the user.”

Say hello to 10 doorways, all from Sebastian projects. These transition points can create a visual invitation to enter, while others blend tranquilly into the surrounding structure.

Westwick residence. Architect: Overland Partners Architects, San Antonio, TX

The design of Westwick, a modern home for art was based on Overland’s belief that “art is integral to the human experience helped the team bring intimate and gallery spaces together into one harmonious design.”

St. Johns Residence. Architect: Larry E Boerder Architects, Dallas, TX

St. Ives residence. Architect: LM Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Oaks residence, another classical beauty by Larry E Boerder Architects.

Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture, Dallas, TX.

Holloway residence by Peter Marino Architect, New York, NY.

Desert Residence II. Architect: Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles

Brazos Ranch. Architect: Ford Powell & Carson.

Another spectacular entryway at Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture.

Massive double doors frame the courtyard. Desert Residence I by Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles.



Recent Stories

June 5, 2017

3 keys to successful luxury estate projects

Sebastian team members have been on a speaking tour recently, presenting our 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High End Residences to audiences of architects, designers and subconsultants.

The presentation breaks down 40 of the most common misconceptions in the luxury residential building industry. Sebastian’s been in the business of building luxury homes for nearly 70 years. During that time, John Sebastian and his team of professionals have honed the process of building premier estates. Along the way, they’ve noticed some assumptions and common practices that slow projects and negatively impact the results.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the misconceptions, how it impacts the construction process and what to do instead.

Client/Owner Relations


“You just can’t manage the client. They are simply going to do what they are going to do.”

Our 70 years experience begs to differ. Clients actually want and need firm direction from their architect. The best architects are not just design geniuses, they also know how to develop trust with the client.

In 2015, the Royal Institute of British Architects published a report, “Client and Architect, developing the essential relationship.” Based on the findings of a two-year analysis of the relationship between clients and their architects, the report contains insights gleaned from interviews with 500 clients.

A couple of the key findings:

“Good communication skills breed trust, reduce perceived risk and boost repeat business.”

“Good communication involves keeping the client ahead of the game.”

We definitely agree. From our decades of experience, here are three practices that make projects successful:

1. Keep the client focused on what is critical, not what is fun.

Gazing at renderings and discussing innovative design touches feeds your creative drive and excites the client, but certain decisions are critical path items.

No decision, no progress.

A client wants and needs firm direction from their architect.  They expect the architect to “keep the wheels on the track”.

2.  Tell the truth and bring up issues, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Be honest in setting expectations, saying “no” when necessary and pushing for decisions. While it may feel awkward at first, the client will appreciate directness and straight talk.

3. Practice good meetings and project management with the client, too. 

A  clear agenda with high priority/scheduling-sensitive items should guide every meeting, whether it’s with contractors, subs or the client. While it can be tempting to spend client meetings brainstorming fun design details, it’s important to review the decisions made, and determine action items and responsible persons.

At Sebastian, we use a very structured meeting agenda and process, called Level 10 meetings. The meeting process is part of a larger management system we use called Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

Using the structured process keeps the meetings short and productive and the project running smoothly. Project team members spend most of their time discussing potential issues and resolving them.

Project Features

May 31, 2017

Featured: Peter Marino Architect

It’s every residential architect’s dream to have your work featured in Architectural Digest. Starchitect Peter Marino has not only had his work featured, he’s been elevated to the first ever AD100 Hall of Fame, the magazine’s curated list of the top influencers in the world of design.

Few architects are featured in both Vogue and on 60 Minutes. Marino, a tastemaker in architecture, art and high fashion, has been feted by both. Here’s a still from Marino’s sit down with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft. (Image, CBS News.)

Memorable in his sartorial choices (Marino’s leather biker gear shows off his tattoos and skull jewelry), he’s also known as the go-to architect for the most exclusive fashion brands. Christian Dior, Bulgari, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Zegna – Marino’s firm has designed boutiques for all of them.

But Marino doesn’t just look like a biker. He actually is a biker. (Marino often commutes between New York and his home on Long Island via motorcycle.)

His residential architectural clients reportedly include billionaires as well as some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, but he’s the model of discretion and won’t discuss his private clients.

Sebastian had the opportunity to partner with Peter Marino Architect on the renovations of the Crespi Hicks estate in Dallas (seen in the photos above and below.)

In a CBS 60 Minutes interview, Marino shares why he’s the top choice for the people who can have anything:

“It’s the old question, “Oh, why do they all go to you? …would you go to a knee doctor who had done two knee operations if you need an operation or one who had done 300 successfully? Who would you go to? That’s why they come to me.”

In the News

May 22, 2017

Sebastian in the media

Building the amazing homes we get to construct is extremely fulfilling. And when those homes are featured in the leading architecture and design publications in the world, it’s an extra, unexpected thrill.

From the pages of Architectural Digest to Art Auction, Sebastian homes have been garnering coverage for decades.

Sebastian magazine features

Here’s a roundup of just three of the Sebastian-built homes found in the pages of these prestigious publications:

Athens Farm

Gracing the cover of Luxe magazine, Athens Farm was named one of the Top Ten most popular projects by Luxe in 2015 and has been pinned over 5000 times on Pinterest. Designed by Sebastian president, John Sebastian, Athens Farms was also featured on a Houzz tour, with interior designer Marci Barnes.

Malone Cliff

FD House and Oak Cliff Advocate both dedicated covers to this modern marvel, designed by Booziotis & Company Architects. With a concrete structure, sleek design and LEED Silver certification, Malone Cliff makes a strong visual and environmental statement.

Oak Court

Featured by Architectural Digest as one of “The Most Magnificent Texas Homes,” the Oak Court residence has graced the pages (and websites) of a wide array of publications, thanks to architect Russell Buchanan’s inspired renovation of the E.D. Stone home.

For more Oak Court, view a slideshow on

Also seen in:, and

Project Features

May 17, 2017

Featured: Bodron+Fruit

Modern Luxury Interiors Texas writer Helen Thompson recently featured a Bodron+Fruit-renovated home in the Bluffview neighborhood of Dallas, noting:

“Bodron+Fruit has also carved a niche for itself renovating midcentury houses designed by some of the country’s greatest architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Larrabee Barnes, Philip Johnson and Howard Meyer.”

Architect Svend Christian Fruit and architecture-trained interior designer Mil Bodron met working on a project and in 1998 formed their eponymous firm, which is widely known in the greater Dallas area for modern design.

Bodron, who hails from Louisiana, told Bayou LIfe Magazine: “My introduction to architecture was all the old plantation homes in south Louisiana,” he says. “As a child, I knew all the Louisiana antebellum homes by name and most of them by floor plan.  To this day, I love old, classical houses. Just the old ones, not the new ones.”

Bodron’s philosophy of using “the most beautiful nothing we can find” for interiors creates the perfect backdrop for art-filled homes the firm is often commissioned to design or update. One of the most notable is the renovation of Strait Lane, the 1960s-era home originally designed by famed modernist Philip Johnson, for the Henry C. Beck family.

After the home fell into disrepair and was sold in the early 2000s, Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA completely renewed the dilapidated structure and grounds, retaining the clean lines but recreating the space as a family-friendly home. Sebastian performed the construction.

The renovation of the “strangely fascinating” Strait Lane property was featured in a 2010 New York Times article, commending Bodron’s “neutral color scheme [which] also creates a quiet background for works by artists like James Lee Byars, Ross Bleckner, Thomas Demand and John Chamberlain.”

The Bodron+Fruit website features 30 photos of the stunning renovation. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but image #6 captures the clean lines and “beautiful nothing” that frames the new owners’ modern art collection.

Project Features

May 10, 2017

Trend file: 8 spectacular water features

Fountains, pools, ponds, waterfalls, cascades…

Indoors or out, water features add curb appeal, visual interest and provide a sense of calm from the chaos.

We’ve gathered eight water features, all from Sebastian-built projects.

Premier estate built by Sebastian Construction Group - Deloache ResidenceSerenity meets symmetry with this gorgeous fountain at the Deloache residence, designed by Robert AM Stern Architects of New York.

And inside the Deloache residence, bask in the sunlit indoor oasis.

Modern home by Sebastian Construction Group - Oak CourtIf modern’s your thing, imagine yourself in Oak Court‘s indoor dining lagoon, originally designed by iconic modernist ED Stone and brilliantly renovated and updated by  architect Russell Buchanan and interior designer David Cadwallader.

Premier estate built by Sebastian Construction Group - Desert 1Landscape architect Robert E Truskowski of Laguna Beach brings California cool to the Desert I residence.

The Crespi estate gets a lot of press (Private Air Luxury Homes called it ‘The Finest Estate Home in America’) but we’d like to call your attention to its pond and reflecting pool designed by famed New York architect Peter Marino and London-based landscape architect, Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

Strait Lane, the only Philip Johnson-designed home in Dallas was completely renewed by Dallas architects Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA.

Landscape architect Charles J Stick of Charlottesville, Virginia designed the stunning grounds of this Highland Park estate.

In the News

May 1, 2017

Better beats bigger when it comes to luxury homes

For decades, the bigger is better trend has driven the new home market. In the US, the average and median size of new houses have increased by 62% since 1973.

John Sebastian, president of Sebastian Construction Group, recently pointed out the big exception to the “bigger is always better” rule, at a recent presentation for the Institute of Classical Art and Architecture (ICAA.)

Titled The Top 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High-End Residences, the talk tackled some of most popular misconceptions that John has found (even among some of the top architects in the field of high-end residential design.)

Here’s a big one:

“For resell value alone, it always should be the goal to get as much square footage as you possibly can for your dollar”.

Sebastian Construction Group, premier luxury estate builder

Not so, says John.

As he told DHome magazine in the January/February 2017 issue, “If budget is a concern, build smaller to maintain a high level of quality. You will never miss the space, but you will enjoy the craftsmanship for decades.”

Sebastian Construction Group, premier Texas builder of luxury homes

Rather than square footage, Sebastian advises clients to invest in design.

“Great construction quality and great architecture are smart investments. These qualities will increase the value of the house – not the square footage.”

There’s one more benefit to trading footage for higher quality – when it comes time to sell the house, it often commands a higher price.

A February 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section noted that some luxury homeowners are following John’s edict to choose quality over footage by reducing the number of bedrooms in their luxury homes. (“Some Luxury Homeowners Scale Back on Extra Bedrooms.“)

The article profiles several premier properties from Malibu, California to downtown Chicago, where owners have traded unused guest bedrooms for features like a 900-square foot home gym or a penthouse for entertaining. Homes with fewer bedrooms may take longer to sell, but they generally fetch higher prices by trading the seldom-used guest bedrooms for other amenities.

Project Features

April 24, 2017

4 Modern Kitchen Crushes

Even if you’d rather cater than cook, there’s no doubt – the kitchen anchors a home. It’s the family hub, the gathering place. And even though a kitchen is a universal feature, it can be the most personal room in the house, reflecting the lifestyle of those within.

Check out these four contemporary kitchen designs that seamlessly blend function and style.

Modern white kitchen, built by Sebastian Construction Group

The McKinney residence is a high-rise luxe apartment finish in the heart of Dallas. It’s clean, modern aesthetic makes it an urban oasis.

Architect: Booziotis & Company Architects of Dallas
Interior Designer: Nancy Leib of Dallas


Modern kitchen, built by Sebastian Construction Group

Oak Court is a modern marvel nestled in leafy north Dallas. Originally designed by E. D. Stone of New York Museum of Modern Art fame, Dallas architect Russell Buchanan painstakingly updated this home for a modern family. Natural materials add warmth to the sleek  appliances and sinks.

Architect: E. D. Stone; Russell Buchanan Architect, Dallas
Interior Designer: Cadwallader Design, Dallas

Modern kitchen, built by Sebastian Construction Group

Strait Lane’s clean lines were originally designed by famed modernist, Philip Johnson and renovated by Bodron + Fruit. The floor to ceiling windows create a light filled kitchen anchored by sleek stainless steel island and cabinetry.

Architect: Philip Johnson, New York; Bodron+Fruit, Dallas
Interior Designer: Bodron+Fruit


Modern kitchen, in home built by Sebastian Construction Group

Clean lines and symmetry create a sense of order in the Westwick residence, which combines limestone, zinc, and window walls. “Compositionally, the house is a series of planes and panels of stone and glass: solid and void,” comments the architect. Rather than visible fixtures, diffuse light emanates from coves.

Architect: Overland Partners


Project Features

April 17, 2017

Featured: Lake|Flato

While poring over the Modern Luxury Interiors Texas Best of Design 2017 issue, we spotted a familiar name: Lake|Flato architects was named Best Architecture Firm 2017. The San Antonio-based firm is known for “designing houses that resonate with the inherent nature of each site, respond to the region’s climate and connect its inhabitants to the natural environment.”

The firm, recently named one of the Ten Most Innovative Architecture Firms in World by Fast Company, sought to create buildings that were “tactile and modern, environmentally responsible and authentic, artful and crafted.”

Lake|Flato also recently won a 2017 National AIA Housing Award for its Blue Lake Retreat, a Marble Falls, TX masterpiece. The long, narrow, three-story home connects the steep topography with the lake below.

Sebastian Construction Group teamed with Lake|Flato on the Watuaga Residence, a home that is rooted in its surroundings and demonstrates the high quality construction and craftsmanship that both firms are known for:

Sebastian Construction Group built modern architecture, Watuaga

Sebastian Construction Group built modern architecture, Watuaga residence, stairs

Sebastian Construction Group built modern architecture, Watuaga, stone

Sebastian Construction Group built modern architecture, Watuaga, outdoor pool

The quote below, from Lake|Flato’s website, captures the Watagua residence and the essence that imbues all of the firm’s projects:

“Possessing that all too-rare-quality of serenity. It is simple and joyous architecture rooted within the regions to which it belongs.”

Glenn Murcutt, Hon. FAIA
Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate

Recent Stories

April 10, 2017

Sebastian Construction Group, premier luxury builder, presents at ICAA

Recently, three Sebastian team members – Pre-Construction Manager Andy O’Nan, President John Sebastian and Director of Operations Matt Cain shared their insights on the Top 40 Misconceptions in the Planning of High End Residences.

The event was sponsored by the Texas Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) and hosted at Sebastian’s Dallas headquarters. Attendees participated in a lively interactive talk, designed to help architects and contractors avoid the misconceptions that add costs, increase schedules and frustrate project participants.

Sebastian Construction Group and ICAA Texas "40 Misconceptions in the Construction of High End Residences"

Sebastian’s been in the business of building luxury homes for nearly 70 years. During that time, John Sebastian and his team of professionals have honed the process of building premier estates. Along the way, they’ve noticed some assumptions and common practices that slow projects and negatively impact the results.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the 40 misconceptions that had a lot of the heads in the room nodding in agreement:

Sebastian Construction Group, luxury home builder, Texas

[Chart by Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, CEO of HOK Architects.]

Traditional design workflow starts with architects creating beautiful designs for  homes, developing construction documents AND THEN engaging contractors, interior and landscape design professionals to execute the design. What’s the problem with that?

A lot, it turns out. Architecture, construction, engineering, landscape architecture and interior design are creative services – there are different ways to achieve the same result.

Andy O’Nan argues that the better approach to project planning is to bring the contractor and design professionals into the project as early as possible.

“Getting the team on board gets early alignment on the way the house will be built and prevents going backward later,” says O’Nan. “It also develops more accountability as a team to design to the client’s budget.”

Every project has unique characteristics that require careful planning and design. There are choices to be evaluated, whether its materials, site options, construction techniques, scheduling limitations or delivery of what an owner expects and needs.

By getting the design and construction team working together early in the process – with a budget – the team can develop a cost model prior to starting design and then design to the cost model. This allows the team to evaluate design alternatives and their construction impacts, while keeping the owner’s wish list and budget on track.

The result? Happy team members AND happy clients.

Sebastian Construction Group, Texas' Premier Luxury Builder


Project Updates

April 6, 2017

Project in progress: Miron Residence

This week, a special treat: a sneak peek at one of our In Progress projects, the Miron Residence.

Designed by Specht Architects (Austin/New York), this sleek and open home exemplifies Specht’s ethos as “an innovative and creative firm with rigorous standards for modern design.”

Specht, whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Dwell and Architectural Digest, racks up awards for its modern designs, and we suspect that the Miron Residence will add a few more to the collection when it’s finished.

A brief description of the project, from Specht’s website:

“A large, floating pavilion roof hovers over the interior and exterior rooms of our Preston Hollow house (expected completion in mid-2018). This design was driven by the client’s desire to blur the line between inside and outside, while also providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street.”

“There are multiple courtyards defined by large, frameless sliding glass panels and rough corrugated concrete walls. The house is open and light-filled.”

“Water plays a large part in the design of the house, and also links the exterior and interior spaces. Beginning at the entry, a narrow channel flows through the house to the pool area beyond. At night, lighting within this stream casts changing patterns on the textured walls.”

Project Features

March 28, 2017

Westlake: One Thousand Years in the Making

Using reclaimed materials in new homes isn’t a new phenomenon. For decades, owners, architects and interior designers reused materials to add character to a home. A stone mantel imported from a French chateau or few antique hardware pieces salvaged from a church added a touch of history to a new structure.

Unique historic features like exposed stone, custom pillars or timber floors evoke heritage in a home. The materials tell a story.

The story of our Westlake Residence combines history with a dash of adventure.

Westlake Residence, built by Sebastian, recovered materials

The dining trellis at the Westlake Residence.

Westlake, the tiny town of 1000 residents, was named the most affluent neighborhood in the country by Forbes. It’s no surprise: Westlake pairs lush country living with proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth amenities. Residents report seeing longhorns, bison, hawks and coyotes regularly.

One of the most interesting features of the Westlake Residence, built by Sebastian, is its use of recovered and salvaged materials: a barn made with wood from a dismantled Idaho lumber mill and horse troughs cut from one thousand year old logs.

Lance Karnan is a principal at Arc Wood Timbers, the company that provided the reused materials. Karnan shares a bit of the history of the Westlake Residence:

“We used some salvaged sinker cypress logs that were hollowed out and used for horse troughs on the property. Sinker Cypress, which is also known as Sinker Bald Cypress, Deadhead Cypress, Heart Cypress, River Recovered Cypress, Reclaimed Cypress or Salvaged Cypress, are harvested trees that sank as they were floating down the rivers in log rafts to the nearest sawmills. Historians estimate that anywhere from 10% to 20% of the logged virgin growth Bald Cypress trees sank en route to the sawmills on the rivers.”

According to Arc Wood Timbers, old growth Sinker Cypress logs contain a protective oil that creates a natural preservative, making Sinker Cypress one of the most rot resistant and insect resistant woods found anywhere in the world.

Westlake Residence, built by Sebastian, recovered materials

The Hay Barn at the Westlake Residence. The barns were built with timbers recovered from a long-shuttered Idaho lumber manufacturer.

Karnan describes some of the characteristics that help determine the age of the Sinker Cypress logs used at the Westlake Residence:

“These salvaged cypress logs were pulled out of the Apalachicola River that flows from Seminole Lake in Georgia down to the Gulf of Mexico. Since these sinker cypress logs have the hand axe end cut to them, that means they were harvested pre-1870, which was when the cross cut saw started to be used.

These logs (specifically the 48” diameter log used for the 24′ trough) were underwater for at least 146 years. Based on the overall density of growth rings on the large trough log, which when we counted they averaged at least 40 rings per inch, that placed that log at being about 960 years old when it was harvested. So, 960 yrs + 146 yrs underwater = 1,106 year old tree. Pretty cool.”

The barns on the Westlake Residence project have their own backstory, as told by Karnan:

“The reclaimed Douglas Fir material all came from a dismantled mill  in Lewiston, ID, originally owned by Potlatch Lumber Company and constructed in the 1920s. In 2013, the new ownership entity decided to dismantle all the Potlatch/Clearwater Paper mills and barns on the property in Lewiston. There was over 4 million board feet of timber and lumber reclaimed/salvaged from the dismantled barns and mills.

There were 6 large post and timber barns built at the mill. The largest buildings measured 80′ x 1600′. They were massive!

Westlake Residence, built by Sebastian, recovered materials

A closer look at the 33ft trusses recovered from the roof of the Idaho barns.

The 2 barns dismantled and used for Westlake construction were both 80′ x 900′. They were primarily used to store kiln dried lumber.

Recovered material, Douglas Fir, barns

Dismantling the Idaho barns.

The Westlake Residence used every single 3 x 8 dismantled horizontal beam and every single 3/4” x 7” reclaimed shiplap ceiling material pulled out of the 2 dismantled barns.”

And now, the rich lineage continues in the beautiful Westlake Residence.

Project Features

March 20, 2017

Featured: Ford Powell & Carson

San Antonio architectural institution Ford Powell & Carson has designed some of the most iconic buildings in the city, such as the Tower of the Americas, the Alamo and the Spanish colonial missions, Trinity University, the Urban Segment of the Museum Reach of the River Walk, and the San Fernando Cathedral.

With an array of specialty practices decades deep, it’s no surprise that Ford Powell & Carson has been scooping up awards for design and preservation practically since the firm was founded, back in 1939, by O’Neil Ford.

Sebastian’s work with Ford, Powell & Carson is, of course, centered on building custom residences in Texas. Like Sebastian, Ford Powell & Carson commonly designs custom residences for second and third generations of the same family.

Brazos Ranch, one of our premier San Antonio homes, bears the hallmarks of the firm’s signature style: living in harmony with nature.

This 14,000SF ranch house was carefully sited among century old live oak trees and overlooks the vast Brazos River Valley.

The exterior design, modeled to resemble a South American Hacienda, includes regionally appropriate materials such as clay tile roofing, stucco and locally quarried stone, as well as custom fabricated wood windows.

A closely arranged group of spaces linked by glass hallways keep an uninterrupted flow from one room to another.

Luxury estate Brazos Ranch project uses recovered materials, reclaimed timbers.Reclaimed materials were used throughout the interior to the home. Reclaimed French limestone floors, antique oak beam trusses, and 17th century doors, combined with hand crafted items, give the residence a timeless feel.

Brazos Ranch, Hacienda, San Antonio, Ford Carson & Powell, built by Sebastian Construction GroupThe interior features clean lines so as not to distract from the incredible views that surround the home on all sides. (Almost every room has a commanding view of the countryside and river below.)

Project Features

March 13, 2017

7 Bathroom Inspirations

While bathrooms are often viewed as functional spaces, there’s been a noticeable shift from merely serviceable to spectacularly spa-like. These airy baths – all from Sebastian-built projects – combine beauty and relaxation to create rooms you never want to leave.

The shell bath in the Beverly project, designed by Laura Lee Clark, is a showstopper unlike any other. 

Strait Lane’s clean lines were originally designed by famed modernist, Philip Johnson and renovated by Bodron + Fruit.

Warm wood sets off crisp white walls and sleek fittings in this California home, with interiors by Lane McCook & Associates.

Designer Marci Barnes of M Barnes & Co wanted the rooms at Athens Farm to be “fresh, light, put-your-feet-up spaces.”

Hallberg Wiseley Designers created a master bath in the Desert Residence 1 that feels like a luxury oasis.

If clean lines and soothing hues are your thing, you’ll love Neal Stewart Designs‘ work on the Mansion project.

Modern marvel Oak Court’s interiors, by Cadwallader Design, “reminds us that good design and beauty are timeless.”

In the News

March 6, 2017

Strait Lane: the only Philip Johnson-designed home in Dallas

One of Sebastian’s most iconic projects is in the news again. Strait Lane, the only Philip Johnson-designed home in Dallas is for sale.

Originally built in the 1960s for Dallas construction company founder, Henry C. Beck of The Beck Companies, this modernist marvel was painstakingly remodeled between 2002-2008.

Dallas architects Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA completely renewed the dilapidated structure and grounds, retaining the clean lines but recreating the space as a family-friendly home. Sebastian performed the construction.

“It’s immaculate,” says Dallas Morning News architecture critic and author of an upcoming book on Philip Johnson, Mark Lamster. “Reed Hilderbrand and Bodron+Fruit, have done Johnson better than Johnson could have done Johnson.” (

Johnson, one of the best known modernists and winner of the first Pritzker Architecture Prize, is among a small number credited with introducing modern architecture to America.

The New York Times described Johnson’s Glass House (his own residence) as “one of the 20th century’s greatest residential structures. Johnson also designed the Seagram Building in New York with Mies van der Rohe, as well as the Pennzoil Palace in Houston and the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, “a soaring glass neo-Gothic megachurch for the Reverend Robert H. Schuller.”

Want to see more architecturally significant homes? Sign up to get updates delivered directly to you.


February 27, 2017

A Sneak Peek at Sebastian’s Winter 2017 Newsletter

Luxury estate homes built by Sebastian Construction Group

Sebastian projects at night

At Sebastian, we’re passionate about creating beautiful, long lasting luxury estate homes. Whether the architecture is modern, classical or eclectic, it’s the quality that matters.

And if you enjoy gorgeous design and fine craftsmanship, you’ll want to sign up for our newsletter and email updates. Our newsletter – a visual feast – goes out four times a year. In it, you’ll get a sneak peek at Sebastian’s latest architecturally significant projects.

In the News

February 20, 2017

Highland Park Mediterranean-Style Home Has Everything (and Then Some!)

“It’s one of the most luxurious homes in Highland Park,” says popular website, Candy’s Dirt, a blog and website devoted to Dallas and Ft. Worth real estate.

The luxurious home in question (now on the market!) is the Highland Park Mediterranean villa, designed by Fusch Architects, Harold Leidner Landscape Architects and our own John Sebastian of Sebastian Construction Group.

Luxury estate built by Sebastian Construction Group

Here’s how Candy’s Dirt describes this one-of-a-kind property:

“Just how exquisite is this villa? How about a wine grotto with tasting room, outdoor putting green, indoor golf simulator, sprawling 10-car garage, and a state-of-the-art gym with a steam and aromatherapy room? And the backyard is positively swoon-worthy, with a Tuscan cabana with a sitting room and private baths, sparkling swimming pool and spa, fountains, and a fire pit in the pool.”

Interiors by Wesley-Wayne and Laura Lee Clark combine classic, Venetian-inspired furnishings and finishes to create an elegant and warm space for living and entertaining.

[Top image, Sebastian Construction Group; following four images, courtesy of Candy's Dirt.]

To see more of this gorgeous luxury estate home, visit Candy’s Dirt.

In the News

February 13, 2017

John Sebastian talks home trends in D Magazine

“How Homeowners are Spending their Budgets”

“Trends for 2017″

“Exciting New Materials”

“What’s Popular in Exterior Features”

John Sebastian, president of Sebastian Construction Group, and a group of Dallas-based builders share what’s Hot and Not in D Home Magazine.

Image: DHome Magazine, Feb 2017.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of John’s nuggets of wisdom for luxury homeowners (but this advice applies to every price point):

J Sebastian Quote - DHome Magazine
Read more from John and area builders in D Magazine

Recent Stories

February 6, 2017

All Hands On Deck

Sebastian is a company that takes its operations and its culture incredibly seriously. While some organizations just hope that their employees demonstrate behaviors and values that reflect well on the company, Sebastian makes it a priority.

From the way that new employees are vetted and hired, to how we work together, our company core values govern our behavior. Because we make our core values a focal point, we also work hard to recognize our employees and reinforce best practices.

Last week, Sebastian hosted its annual All Company meeting where we gather to reflect on the previous year, set our goals for the next year and recognize our team members for their contributions.

Here are a few photos of Sebastian team members being recognized:

Sixteen fine folks marked one year with Sebastian, commemorated with these handsome Sebastian jackets.

Director of Operations Matt Cain, Client Services Manager Jerry Nogalski and Project Superintendent Steve Janicki display their gorgeous Tiffany crystal awards, to celebrate their ten years of service with Sebastian Construction Group.

Core Values

At Sebastian, we have 15 company core values that we’ve crafted over our sixty years of building the finest luxury estate homes. They cover how we work together, how we work with our clients and partners, as well as the legacy we want to leave.

This year, we gave the first ever Sebastian Core Values award to two team members who embody the best of Sebastian, every day:

Construction Coordinator, Greg Lewis. Greg is Sebastian’s senior field operations person with over 35 years’ experience in construction (over 30 of those years with Sebastian.) He’s an expert in quality control and problem resolution.

Project Director, Len Lewis. Len began his career on large commercial construction projects, working as Field Superintendent for several complex, large-scale projects and then a Project Manager before becoming a Project Director.

Project Features

January 30, 2017

Available: Premier Texas Estate

Once featured in Time Magazine as America’s Most Expensive Home, the Crespi Estate is on the market again, after changing hands for an undisclosed amount in 2016.

Commissioned in 1938 by Italian Count Pio Crespi, the estate was later purchased and renovated by Dallas businessman and sports enthusiast, Tom Hicks. Last year, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks sold this one-of-a-kind property to Texas banker and investor Andy Beal.

Sebastian Construction Group, together with famed New York architect Peter Marino and London-based landscape architect, Arabella Lennox-Boyd, completed the 33-month renovation and expansion project, creating what Private Air Luxury Homes called ‘The Finest Estate Home in America.’

For more photos of the Crespi Estate:

2015 DHome Magazine features over 300 photos of the interior and exterior of this gorgeous property.

Project Features

January 23, 2017

4 Gorgeous Personal Libraries

“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

A library conjures images of rows of leather bound books and cozy reading spaces. And in luxury homes, the personal library often houses more than books – many collectors use these sanctuaries to display prized artifacts.

This library below, in a home designed by Robert AM Stern Architects, invites readers to grab a book and sink into the sumptuous space.

A two-story treasure designed by Fusch-Serold & Partners, with interiors by Richard Trimble & Associates, manages to be both grand and warm.

Not all libraries are dark and paneled. The modern clean lines, large windows and crisp white walls make this library/family room an inviting space to read or chat. [Booziotis & Company Architects with interiors by Nancy Leib]

One of the most prominent libraries that we’ve had the honor to help build has become a Dallas icon: the Crow Library. Business figure Harlan Crow is an avid historian and collector. His Preston Road estate houses a collection of more than 10,000 books and 5,000 plus manuscripts, including hand-written notes from the 1787 Constitutional Convention and paintings both of and by U.S. presidents. Rare works include first editions by Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton and a report on the New World by Vasco de Gama.

The Crow estate was designed by Richard Giegengack and DC Broadstone, along with John Phifer Marrs Interiors. For more details on the Crow Library’s collection, check out this Dallas News article.

In the News

January 17, 2017

Hello, Houston!

Sebastian Construction Group has moved to a NEW office in Houston. After two years in the Bayou City, we’ve settled into a new space, with room to grow even more.
Sebastian Construction Group Opens Houston Office
You can find us gracing the city’s Uptown District, at:

Sebastian Construction Group
520 Post Oak, Suite 150
Houston Texas 77005

Sebastian is in our second year of building beautiful luxury estate homes in Houston and we’re looking forward to collaborating with more talented Houston-area architects and designers.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates – we’re planning an open house in the fall to celebrate our new home in the city.

Recent Stories

January 9, 2017

Second George Sebastian Scholarship Awarded

Sebastian Construction Group awarded its second George Sebastian Scholarship to Anna Nogalski, daughter of the company’s long-time Client Services Manager, Jerry Nogalski.

The scholarship was created to honor Sebastian Construction Group founder, George Sebastian, who started the company in 1948. Sebastian, who passed away in 1992, was widely known for his tenacious dedication to quality construction and integrity in his business dealings.

John Sebastian, son of George, awarded the first George Sebastian Scholarship in 2014, saying, “It’s our way of continuing his legacy.”

The scholarship is open to children of Sebastian employees with ten or more years of service. Recipients must be on the honor roll and have one or more significant extracurricular activities. The award amount is $5000 per year, for up to four years, as long as the recipient maintains a 3.00 or better GPA.

Anna Nogalski is a senior at Plano High School. After graduation, she will attend Oklahoma University, where she will major in biochemistry.

Recent Stories

January 2, 2017

Happy 2017 from SCG

Happy New Year! Seasons greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy.

2016 brought us new experiences, a new office, new collaborations and more. There were weddings and celebrations with family, friends and colleagues.

To our partners, clients, team members and friends, we say:

Here’s to a wonderful new year and a warm adieu to the old,

here’s to happiness, good times, good cheers and the many joys yet to unfold.

Project Features

December 26, 2016

Richard Drummond Davis Architects and Meadowbrook

Flip through the page of your favorite shelter magazine. Whether it’s DHome, Luxe or Modern Luxury Interiors, you’re bound to stumble on a spread featuring the work of Richard Drummond Davis.

Founder of the eponymous Richard Drummond Davis Architects, Davis is a Texas-based architect with a national footprint. While the firm has designed a wide range of commercial projects, from  the British West Indies to the Dallas National Golf Club, it’s best known for  homes inspired by period European architecture. Over 400 of them…homes inspired by period European architecture, including French, French Classical, French Country, Italian Villas, Spanish Mediterranean.

RDDA is “recognized for successfully blending the classical elegance of authentic period architecture and crisp contemporary design with the comfort and practicality of state-of-the-art technology and the finest building materials and craftsmanship available.”

Sebastian was proud to collaborate with Richard Drummond Davis Architects on one of our favorite projects, Meadowbrook, an English Traditional estate home and pool house in Dallas. Meadowbrook features extensive patterned marble floors, carved marble mantles, and ornately detailed millwork.

On the exterior: chopped stone veneer with cut stone trim and imported slate roof.

Landscape Architect: Linda Tycher & Associates

Interior Design by Sherry Haslip of Hayslip Design Associates

Want to see more gorgeous period homes? Browse Richard Drummond Davis Architects’ portfolio for eye-candy galore.  


Recent Stories

December 19, 2016

Holiday Thanks

At this special time of year, we give thanks for clients and partners like you who have made our jobs easier and our lives more fulfilling.

Below, a peek at just a few of the delicious treats our valued partners sent to us. We appreciate your good wishes and are relishing every bite!

And finally, a couple of quick snaps from our own version of Santa’s workshop, our client appreciation room! Over the past weeks, our Sebastian elves have been busy delivering these beauties to the people who help make our work possible.

Thank you for being you.

From all of us at Sebastian Construction Group.

Project Features

December 12, 2016

Seven Stunning Swimming Pools

Swimming pools. A chance to cool off from the heat and a visual treat for the eyes. Luckily, these beauties offer both (and then some.)

From the classic – but never boring – backyard rectangle, to the sleek and modern, each of these seven fabulous swimming pools make for an outdoor living paradise.

Take a closer look, and click on the pool image to see more photos of these gorgeous homes.

St. Ives home, built by Sebastian Construction Group


Recent Stories

December 5, 2016

Sebastian Hosts 200+ at Dallas Offices

It was all hands on deck at Sebastian recently, when we hosted more than 200 partners, colleagues and guests to celebrate our new Dallas offices.

We were proud to show off our space. The design and details convey the essence of Sebastian: the highest quality, delivered with warmth.

Details make the difference in the Sebastian lobby.

Hundreds of votives around the office added a luminous feel to the festivities. And of course, everyone loves tiny food!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish us well in our new digs!

Project Features

November 28, 2016

Architectural Digest features “The Most Magnificent Homes in Texas”

“From traditional residences with incredible scale to modern dwellings with bold designs, these homes make a big impression.” ~Architectural Digest

We agree. Those who think of Texas architecture as sprawling ranches and palatial villas may be surprised to learn that the Lone Star State is home to some of the country’s top modern architects. We’re excited to have teamed with many of the contemporary masters featured in Architectural Digest’s November spread, The Most Magnificent Homes in Texas.

Here are just a few of our respected colleagues, whose work appears in the AD article:

Russell Buchanan
Peter Marino
Miró Rivera Architects
Newberry Campa
Ryan Street & Associates

Photo: Ira Montgomery, via Architectural Digest

(For a closer look at Oak Court, check out our Modern Monday feature on Cadwallader Design.)

And if you’d like to see more of these contemporary Texas charmers, jump over to the AD feature.

Recent Stories

November 20, 2016

Sebastian Hosts 500 at Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon

At Sebastian, we have a list of core values that govern how we operate. Several of those core values outline how we work with our associates, the subcontractors who team with us to build beautiful, high quality homes:

-Build each project with the goal of developing lifetime relationships with the client, the architect, and the rest of the team. These long-term relationships have been and will be the reason for our continued success.

-Build each project as a team – with the goal of the project being successful for everyone involved. Develop a partnering environment with the client, architect, and subcontractor team that encourages collective decisions. Our success should not be at the expense of someone else’s.

-Build each project with the best people in this profession. Recognize that the success of our Company is totally based on the quality of our people. Constantly work toward identifying, recruiting, and retaining the top professionals in their specific field of expertise.

To demonstrate our appreciation, this week Sebastian fed over 500 people at our annual subcontractor appreciation thanksgiving lunch. Sebastian has been hosting subcontractors for more than three decades in Dallas. This year, we hosted subcontractors in Houston, too.

Sebastian wishes you the happiest Thanksgiving, filled with family, food and friends.

In the News

November 14, 2016

Texas Firm of the Year, Miro Rivera Architects

The Texas Society of Architects named Miro Rivera Architects of Austin, the Texas Firm of the Year. Miro Rivera Architects is renowned for its spectacular home designs.

Feast your eyes on this stunning example of Miro Rivera Architects’ work – The Pool House:

Photo: Miro Rivera Architects

More from the Austin Business Journal:

Miro Rivera received rave reviews for the design of the grand plaza, amphitheater and observation tower at Circuit of The Americas racetrack and event venue.

“The firm has advanced the quality of the built environment and truly raised the bar for AIA and professional practice,” according to TSA.

Principals Juan Miro and Miguel Rivera were also commended for making “significant contributions to architectural and planning higher education, inspiring a generation of students as educators and mentors.”

Congratulations, Miro Rivera Architects!

Project Features

November 7, 2016

5 luxurious outdoor spaces

Whether you do alfresco meals in style or prefer to relax en famille, with a glass of sweet tea in your hand, these five open air rooms combine the best of indoor-outdoor living.

Come on in and let these spaces inspire you.



In the News

October 31, 2016

Modern Monday – Cadwallader Design

In an issue of Modern Dallas, David Cadwallader, founder of Cadwallader Design in Dallas, talked about one of his favorite projects (and ours!), the renovation and redesign of the ED Stone house near Park Lane and Meadowbrook Drive.

Stone, who designed modern icons like the New York Museum of Modern Art, the first international modern building in New York, and the US Embassy in India, designed Oak Court, a modern residence in leafy north Dallas.

Fast forward forty years and some of the home’s most distinctive features, such as its indoor dining lagoon, had been abandoned. Fortunately, Oak Court’s new owners valued and wanted to restore the Dallas landmark to its former glory.

Teaming with long-time designer, David Cadwallader and architect Russell Buchanan, the new owners artfully threaded the needle of updating a home for a modern family while remaining true to the original architect’s design intent.

The result? An award-winning project, honored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

“Modernism is an increasingly important component of preservation,” says Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “Oak Court reminds us that good design and beauty are timeless. By faithfully respecting Stone’s original work, the owners have set an extraordinary model for others to follow in preserving the architectural landmarks of the modernist era.” []

Oak Court features a tiled pool, spa and fountain, a cylindrical staircase and pool trellis.

Project Features

October 24, 2016


“Synonymous with modern wine-country style” is how Architectural Digest describes the work of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects.

Looking at these images of our Westlake project’s dining trellis and hay barn, you can definitely spot the AD 100 firm’s signature style: earthy materials, sunbaked palettes, free-flowing floor plans that maximize light and exposure to natural surroundings.

Architect: Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects
Interior Design: Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects
Landscape Architect: SWA

Project Features

October 17, 2016

Spotlight on Specht Architects

Sebastian is excited to be teaming on a new project with Specht Architects, on of the leading modern design firms in Texas.

Specht, which has offices in Austin and New York, describes itself as “an innovative and creative firm with rigorous standards for modern design.” We completely agree.

In 2013, the Texas Society of Architects featured founder Scott Specht on its Architects Talking to Architects blog and asked about his inspiration.

“I love the highly-engineered yet usually unnoticed materials and products that are around us. Things like plastic ice-cube trays, temporary roadway barriers, stackable Coke crates, and styrofoam packaging can often inspire ideas that work outside the standard palette of architectural materials. On occasion, I’ve been able to directly deploy these things in my projects, but that takes a client willing to go along.” ~Scott Specht, AIA

Our Miron project with Specht is just getting started, but until we can show in-progress photos, here’s some architectural eye candy. Visit for more photos and project details.

Photography: Andrea Calo
Architect: Specht Harpman

In the News

October 10, 2016

Dallas Home’s Gorgeous Interiors Featured on 1st Dibs

1st Dibs, the online mecca for designers and dealers just featured Kirsten Kelli, LLC’s work on the Ford family home and the interiors are spectacular.

See the entire feature on the 1st Dibs website.

Project Features

October 3, 2016

Modern Monday – Sale Street

We love this urban infill residence designed by Bernbaum/Magadini Architects of Dallas, especially the interior courtyard. The 10,000 square foot main residence sits artfully on its narrow, sloping lot. Go to the architect’s website to see more amazing images.

Photo: Bernbaum/Magadini Architects.

In the News

September 26, 2016

On the watchlist: Lone Star Restoration

At Sebastian, we love beautiful craftsmanship. That’s why we’re excited to tune into Lone Star Restoration, a new show on the History Channel.

“The show features Brent Hull of Hull Historic and his team of craftsmen. Brent is on a mission to bring back beautiful architecture and the art of timeless building in a world plagued by commodity construction. Brent and his team are dedicated to preserving history and resurrecting the lost stories of architecture under years of dust and layers of shoddy construction.”

Project Updates

August 8, 2016

You never know what you’ll see on a jobsite

Just another day on the jobsite in Utopia, Texas.

In the News

March 22, 2016

Structure Magazine

Datum Engineers, Inc. was the Outstanding Award Winner for the Malone Cliff View Residence project in the 2015 NCSEA Annual Excellence in Structural Engineering awards program! Read more in Structure Magazine!

In the News

March 17, 2016

Award-winning Malone Cliff project

Visit our Facebook page to view some breathtaking drone footage of the Malone Cliff project by Jim McAndrew.

In the News

March 13, 2016

FD Home Magazine Cover

The Malone Cliff Residence was featured on the cover of FD Home Magazine.
View the story on page 59.

In the News

February 22, 2016

Luxe Top Ten Most Popular Projects in 2015

Our Athens Farm project was recently named as one of the Top Ten most popular projects in all issues published nationally by Luxe Magazine in 2015. View the project on Luxe.

Project Updates

February 15, 2016

Look no further – your dream garage is here

This show garage was designed by Richard Drummond Davis Architects. Does your dream garage have a space for entertaining?


February 8, 2016

ABC’s National Excellence in Construction Award

The Malone Cliff project has won an award for Excellence in Construction®. ABC’s National Excellence in Construction program is the premier competition within the construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects across the nation. This is the second time that Sebastian Construction has received this prestigious national award signifying the highest achievement in construction in the residential category.

Sebastian Construction Group wins Excellence in Construction Award


February 1, 2016

Get the inside scoop

If you want to be the first to see the latest news from Sebastian Construction, sign up for our newsletter by emailing We only send it out a few times a year and it’s a visual treat. (Some of our partners even keep it in their office.)

In the News

January 24, 2016

Dallas 500

The Dallas 500 is a special edition that celebrates the most influential leaders in North Texas. It’s produced by the editors of D CEO who have spent nearly a year doing research and interviews. Unprecedented in scope, The Dallas 500 provides an engaging, personal look at the people who have made Dallas-Fort Worth such a powerful economic force. President, John Sebastian, was recognized by D CEO as one of The Most Powerful Business Leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth. To find out more about D CEO please visit their website.

In the News

January 17, 2016

LEED Silver Status

The Malone Cliff project, designed by Booziotis & Company Architects, is the first residence built by Sebastian Construction to receive LEED Silver Status.

In the News

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year from SCG

Seasons greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy.
Happy New Year!

In the News

June 15, 2015

Holloway Residence Featured in Video

The Holloway Residence, the most expensive home in Dallas and the largest single residential property in central Dallas, is on the market.

Watch this video by Allie Beth Allman and Associates to see the interior of the house and to learn more about Sebastian’s role in the home’s 3-year renovation and addition.

Project Updates

June 11, 2015

Malone Cliff Residence Wins UMCA Golden Trowel Award

The Malone Cliff Residence won the United Masonry Contractors Association Golden Trowel Award for Residential Single Family.

Dee Brown Inc., the mason subcontractor on the job, won the award for its masonry work, with help from suppliers, which included: Builders Equipment Supply, Featherlite, Hohmann & Barnard, Inc., Horton Building Supply, Spec Mix, and Prosoco.

Project Updates

June 4, 2015

Malone Cliff Residence Wins AGC Outstanding Construction Award

The Malone Cliff Residence has been named the AGC Texas Building Branch’s 2014 Outstanding Construction Award winner in the Residential Single Family category.

The projects were judged by a distinguished five member panel of professionals involved in the construction of projects throughout Texas.

The AGC Texas Building Branch will present the award at its 38th annual convention on July 30 at the Resort at Squaw Creek on Lake Tahoe in Olympic Valley, Calif.

In the News

May 7, 2015

Athens Farm Featured on Houzz

The Athens Farm project was recently featured as a part of a Houzz Tour series.

Houzz interviewed the interior designer of the project, Marci Barnes of M. Barnes & Co, for her perspective on choosing colors, textures, and pieces for the country home.  The homeowners wanted a “casual, comfortable country feeling at their pastoral getaway,” and that’s exactly what they got in the beautifully designed farmhouse.

To see the feature, please click here.

Recent Stories

April 23, 2015

Follow Us on Twitter

We’ve entered the world of Twitter – be sure to follow us! @sebastianCGtx

Project Updates

April 8, 2015

Oak Cliff Magazine Features Malone Cliff Residence

The Malone Cliff Residence, the “biggest, most energy efficient home in West Dallas,” has been featured in the Oak Cliff Advocate Magazine.

The home features many energy efficient and recycled materials to meet LEED requirements, including windows with cross-ventilation, a rain catchment system, structural concrete with 30% fly ash, lighting systems and appliances to use less electricity, solar water heaters, bamboo flooring, and countertops made of recycled materials.

To learn more about the residence’s design to achieve a LEED rating, please read the write-up the architect, Booziotis & Company Architects, posted on the project.

Project Updates

April 3, 2015

Timber Frame Erection Underway at Ranch Project

Timber framing is being erected on a large ranch project west of Dallas.

All of the wood used is new Doug fir that has been distressed to provide a more rustic look. The pieces of timber were shipped to the jobsite prior to erection for the painter from Napa Valley to paint and finish.

The first few weeks of erection were spent putting entire wall sections together on the ground like Lincoln Logs. As soon as a few wall sections were assembled, the crew from Texas Timber Frames out of the San Antonio area stood the entire wall up with a mobile crane. It’s quite an impressive process with beautiful results.

Project Updates

March 31, 2015

Malone Cliff Residence Wins Distinguished Building Award

We are excited to announce that the Malone Cliff Residence has won first place in the 2015 TEXO Distinguished Building Awards competition in the Residential Single Family category.

Winning this prestigious award automatically qualifies the project for state and national competitions though the ABC and AGC.

TEXO’s Distinguished Building Awards Dinner will be held on Dec. 3 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

Project Updates

March 30, 2015

Malone Cliff Residence Wins Award of Merit

The Malone Cliff Residence was chosen to receive the Award of Merit in the Buildings category for the 2015 Post-Tensioning Institute Project Awards.

This award is given every two years to a project that demonstrates excellence in post-tensioning applications. In choosing the recipient, projects are judged based on creativity, innovation, ingenuity, cost-effectiveness, functionality, constructability, and aesthetics.

The award will be formally presented at PTI’s Project Awards Dinner in Houston, Texas, on April 27.

In the News

March 23, 2015

SCG Featured in FD House Debut Issue

Sebastian Construction Group has been featured in the inaugural edition of FD House on the inside back page as “one of the iconic institutions of Dallas.”

Guy Reynolds photographed the Sebastian office in a hyper-close-up way so the viewer sees everything in a whole new way.

Project Updates

February 17, 2015

SCG and Overland Partners Work Together on Ranch Project

Examples of Overland Partner Architects’ previous work

Sebastian Construction Group is in the process of building a ranch designed by San Antonio architecture firm, Overland Partners Architects.

Overland Partners Architects, founded in 1987 in San Antonio, Texas, brings together diverse talents to provide comprehensive design services in architecture and planning throughout the world. Sensitive to the environmental and aesthetic contexts of its projects, the firm strives for a thoughtful integration of technology, art, and craft through world-class, innovative sustainable solutions.

The firm’s projects across the U.S., China, Latin America and the Middle East are diverse: visitor centers and art museums to Fortune 500 headquarters, homeless shelters to luxury private homes, universities to city master planning. Technology is used during the creative process and through designing highly complex projects, such as several world-class mixed-use local and international urban renewal projects. Overland Partners’ work has received more than 150 national, regional and local design awards and numerous national and international publications.

To learn more about Overland Partners Architects’ work, please visit their website.

In the News

February 10, 2015

1950s SCG House Renovated and Now on the Market

A midcentury modern house in the Wynnewood Hills neighborhood of Oak Cliff built by George Sebastian in 1958 has recently been renovated. The golf course residence is now on the market. The home, located at 1434 Bar Harbor Circle, is 4,600 square feet large and features an indoor pool, a wet bar, terrazzo floors, redwood beams and walnut walls, and a double fireplace made of stone.

The Dallas Morning News ran an article in its November 17, 1958 edition, listing Boatwright and Thompson as the architects and noting that George Sebastian constructed the home in “a short 120 days.”

“The bones of the house are what’s amazing,” The now-owner of the home Erik Schuessler said on Candy’ “Not just the exterior, but the interior as well. We went to a lot of trouble to stick with what was there.”

To learn more about the home’s history and renovation, or, if interested in purchasing the property, please click here.

In the News

January 19, 2015

Athens Farm Featured on Cover of LUXE Magazine

John and Patti Sebastian’s Walnut Creek Farm in Athens, Texas, was recently featured as the front page feature story in Dallas’ LUXE Interiors + Design Magazine.

The feature showcases photos of the five separate buildings that comprise the weekend getaway as well as insight into the architectural choices and fresh and light interior design.

The magazine is on stands now – be sure to check it out!

Project Updates

January 14, 2015

SCG Completes Malone Cliff Residence

The Malone Cliff Residence with a breathtaking view of downtown Dallas has been completed. The residence, designed by Booziotis & Company Architects, has a complete concrete structure and is LEED Silver certified.

More photos and details about this modern home and its construction will follow.

In the News

January 8, 2015

SCG Featured in The Luxury of Home Magazine

Sebastian Construction Group was recently featured in The Luxury of Home’s 2015 edition. The University Park Residence graced the inside front cover, and a number of other photos peppered the pages. A write-up about Sebastian as a leading residential home builder was included, in which President John Sebastian said “There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about what we do. We have to rise to the special challenges of each project.”

In the News

January 5, 2015

SCG Homes Featured in Dallas Modern Book

Several of Sebastian Construction Group’s residences have been featured in the Dallas Architecture Forum’s book, Dallas Modern. The monograph features twenty of the most architecturally outstanding modern residences in Dallas with over 250 full-color photos. For a preview of the featured homes, visit CultureMap Dallas.

Sebastian residences in the book include: University Park Residence, Oak Court Residence, and Strait Lane Residence.

To purchase the book, visit the Dallas Architecture Forum’s online order form.

In the News

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from SCG

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015.

In the News

December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays from SCG

Happy holidays from all of us at Sebastian Construction Group!

In the News

December 22, 2014

First George Sebastian Scholarship Awarded

John Sebastian awarded the first George Sebastian Scholarship at the Company’s 2014 Christmas Party held at The Lumen Hotel in Dallas.

George Sebastian, John’s father, founded Sebastian Construction Group in 1948 but passed away in 1992. The Company wanted to honor George Sebastian and continue his legacy by founding a scholarship fund in his honor.

This year’s recipient of the George Sebastian Scholarship Savannah Lewis, daughter of Sebastian’s long-time Senior Superintendent Greg Lewis. Savannah is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate and is in the top 8% of her senior class (with a 3.68 GPA). She plays cello, is a member of the National Honor Society, and is involved in the Key Club, where she has worked over 1,200 hours in community service. She is President of the Venture Club and served on her high school’s Destination Imagination Team that placed third in state.

Savannah is currently deciding between attending the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University, where she plans to major in geology. We are very proud of Savannah and her accomplishments – we know she will go far!

In the News

December 11, 2014

SCG Participates in Salvation Army Angel Tree Drive

This year, employees of Sebastian Construction Group came together to make a four-year-old boy’s holiday season a little bit brighter through The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. When we saw that his wish was to have a toy tool set, we were excited – Sebastian employees know a thing or two about tool sets.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in the community this holiday season. This little boy is going to be a little builder in no time!

Project Updates

December 9, 2014

SCG Nears Completion on Malone Cliff Residence

The Malone Cliff Residence, a dramatic cliff-side residence perched on the west side of downtown Dallas is nearing completion. The modern residence, designed by
Booziotis & Company Architects, features a cantilevered steel circular staircase in the center core of the home.

More photos to come of this spectacular residence after its full completion.

Project Updates

December 1, 2014

English Inspired Estate Completed

The limestone-clad residence was designed by Larry E. Boerder Architects and features many classic Palladian details. The home’s beautiful setting can make one think this photo was taken somewhere in the English countryside instead of in Dallas, Texas.

Project Photo Gallery: Park Residence

Recent Stories

November 25, 2014

400 Attend SCG’s Annual Thanksgiving Lunch

This year’s event marked the 18th time our Company has hosted this annual Thanksgiving lunch and gathering. The event is always organized by our long-time superintendent, Greg Lewis, to show our appreciation to all of our specialty contractors and suppliers that contribute so much every day to making Sebastian Construction Group’s projects truly special.

We served a record 400 people this year and the weather cooperated beautifully. We’re thankful to have the opportunity to work with each and every company and person we work alongside. Happy Thanksgiving!

Project Updates

October 14, 2014

SCG Breaks Ground with Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects

Examples of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger’s previous work

Sebastian Construction Group recently broke ground on a large ranch project designed by California architect Howard J. Backen, FAIA, of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects. We’re excited to be working with Howard and the rest of his award-winning team.

Backen, Gillam & Kroeger’s experience in specialty building types covers a broad spectrum, including private residences, resorts, restaurants and wineries. In the eighteen years since its opening, the firm has designed over 50 upscale homes, 40 wineries, seven major resorts, 20 restaurants, a new line of retail stores for RH (Restoration Hardware) and Williams Sonoma Home, an equestrian center, The Napa Valley Reserve, and the Performing Arts Center for St. Helena, Calif. Many of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger’s projects are complex, multi-use properties, and all are built to the firm’s carefully designed master plans.

Aside from being featured in numerous publications, many of the firm’s projects have earned design industry awards, including Hospitality Design Magazine’s Best “Green” Design of 2008, Hospitality Design Platinum Circle Award, citations from Progressive Architecture, Grand Awards from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, First Honor Awards from AIA/Housing Magazine and the Presidential Award for Design Excellence.

In 1992, Howard was awarded a Fellowship in the American Institute of Architects, which is the highest honor in the profession, and served as a juror for the 2001 California AIA awards. The firm has been nominated one of the top 100 Architects in Architectural Digest (2007-2014) and one of the top 30 in the Robb Report. In 2013, Rizzoli Inc published From The Land: The Architecture of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger, which has now become a best-selling architecture book.

To learn more about Backen, Gillam & Kroeger’s work, visit the company’s website.

In the News

October 8, 2014

Hill Country Houses Book Features SCG Ranch

Sebastian Construction Group is honored to be featured in the cover photo of Cyndy Severson’s new book, Hill Country Houses, which was released on October 7. The publication features homes in the beautiful Hill Country area of Texas between Austin and San Antonio. The hardcover book can be purchased on

The home, designed by Ford Powell, & Carson (San Antonio) and landscaped by Thomas Bradley & Associates (San Antonio), uses glass connecting galleries to tie together the various buildings of the hilltop ranch compound and to showcase the Brazos River valley views.

Project Photo Gallery: Brazos Ranch
Purchase the book:

Project Updates

May 9, 2014

East Texas Ranch Project Kicks Off

East Texas Ranch Project
SCG breaks ground this month on an exciting modern ranch project for some of their long-time clients. Designed by Overland Partners Architects of San Antonio, the design includes a compound of buildings to accommodate the growing needs of two generations of the family.

East Texas Ranch Project
The material palette of local stone, weathered wood and corrugated metal roofs will allow the buildings to blend seamlessly within its Piney Woods setting. Mesa Design of Dallas is the Landscape Architect and Hayslip Designs, also of Dallas, is the Interior Designer. SCG has collaborated before with all members of the design team on multiple projects in the past.

In the News

May 5, 2014

D Magazine Recognizes SCG on 2014 Best Builders List

2014 Best Builder Award
SCG has been recognized for the 10th straight year by D Magazine on their Best Builders List for 2014. SCG has been recognized on this prestigious list every year the list has been published.

Recent Stories

April 26, 2014

SCG Hosts a Day at Walnut Creek Farm

John and Patti Sebastian and SCG hosted over 400 guests at their weekend getaway in Athens, Texas for “A Day at Walnut Creek Farm.” The weather was great and the BBQ was delicious.

Walnut Creek Farm
The guests included architects, designers, clients, subcontractors, employees and other related professionals from across the state. And, as an added bonus, six baby goats were born during the actual event. We look forward to having everyone out again!

Recent Stories

April 1, 2014

SGC Opens Houston Office

After working in a variety of locations all over Texas over the last several decades, SCG has opened up a permanent office in Houston this spring  to better serve their clients and the design community in that important area of Texas. The office is located just off of Rice Boulevard in close proximity to the River Oaks and Memorial areas in Houston. Email John Sebastian at for more information on this exciting development.

Project Updates

December 20, 2013

Highland Park Home Completed on Accelerated Schedule

SCG just completed a large-scale, very complex residence on time based on a very accelerated schedule. SCG’s team of Rowdy Winter as Project Manager and Keith Martin as Field Superintendent provided the leadership and expertise that allowed the completion date to be achieved on time.

Credit should also be given to Fusch Architects, Harold Leidner Landscape, and Laura Lee Clark Interior Design for providing complete information at the very outset of the project – always the single most important factor in achieving an accelerated construction schedule.

In the News

November 1, 2013

SCG Receives Pyramid Award for University Park Home

University Park Residence
SCG is proud to have just received the Pyramid Award from the ABC (American Builders and Contractors Association) for Construction Excellence for the recently completed University Park Residence. This award represents the highest award a Contractor can receive nationally. Our project was the only single family residence that received this highest award. (The project had received the top award locally from the ABC as well as the top state award before receiving this top national prize).

Special congratulations should go to our superintendent on the project, Lendon Lewis, for a job incredibly well done.

Project Photo Gallery: University Park Residence

In the News

October 10, 2013

Two SCG Projects Receive John Staub Awards

Two of SCG’s recently completed projects were awarded John Staub Awards at the recent ceremony of the Texas Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) in San Antonio. This annual awards program recognizes the top designs in classical architecture in Texas as selected by a jury of national architects and designers.

The two projects were the Desert Residence as designed by William Hablinski, Architects (Austin) and the Beverly Residence as designed by Larry E. Boerder Architects (Dallas).

In the News

June 1, 2013

Art and Auction Magazine Features SGC Modern Art House

University Park ResidenceUniversity Park Residence
The recently completed University Park residence (and the collection of modern art it houses) was featured in the new issue of Art and Auction Magazine.

The home, designed by Overland Partners Architects (San Antonio) with interior design by Cadwallader Design (Dallas), features a north facing clerestory glass, an Italian window glazing system, expansive art walls, and a highly specialized art lighting system designed by L’Observatoire  International (New York).

Project Photo Gallery: University Park Residence

In the News

May 1, 2013

Texas Architect Magazine Features SCG Renovation

Straight Lane Residence
Straight Lane Residence
The new issue of Texas Architect features the renovation and additions to the classic, mid-century modern residence originally designed by Phillip Johnson (New York).

The new work was designed by the architecture/interior design team of Bodron+Fruit (Dallas). New lighting and mechanical systems were carefully integrated into the existing building as part of this renovation process. A new modern pool house featuring architectural concrete walls and ceilings were also a part of SCG’s scope of work.

Project Photo Gallery: Straight Lane Residence

Project Updates

February 12, 2013

Residence with Complete Concrete Structure In Progress

The concrete structure portion of this Modern Residence in Dallas was recently completed. Involving well over 1,000 yards of concrete, all aspects of the building were constructed of poured-in-place concrete (foundation, floors, walls, and roof).

The parabolic shaped roofs and the cantilevered floor systems involved both traditional steel reinforcing as well as post-tensioned integral beams. The building was designed by Booziotis & Company Architects (Dallas) with structural engineering by Datum Engineering (Dallas).

Project Updates

December 18, 2012

SCG Completes Modern Los Angeles Project

St.Ives ResidenceSt.Ives Residence
This stunning modern house sited on a steeply sloping site overlooking downtown Los Angeles was recently completed by SCG. The project’s design team included architect, LM Studio (Los Angeles), interior designer, Lane McCook (Los Angeles), and landscape architecture by Nikila Rigby Ellis (Los Angeles).

The home featured a low profile window system fabricated in Switzerland (including a motorized “guillotine” window more than 20 feet high) as well as a high pressure air conditioning system.

Project Photo Gallery: St. Ives Residence

Project Updates

December 5, 2012

SCG Completes Dallas Penthouse

McKinney Residence
SCG recently completed this modern penthouse residence in Dallas. Designed by Booziotis & Company Architects (Dallas), the residence featured open gallery spaces with specialized art lighting to display the owner’s extensive modern art collection.

Special recognition goes to our project superintendent, Steve Janicki, for achieving the exacting details and tolerances required by the architect’s design.

Project Photo Gallery: McKinney Residence

Project Updates

November 15, 2012

SGC Completes Brazos River Ranch

Brazos Ranch
This ranch house, designed by the award winning architectural firm, Ford, Powell, and Carson (San Antonio), was carefully sited among century old live oak trees and overlooks the vast Brazos River Valley.

The exterior design included such regionally appropriate materials such as clay tile roofing, stucco and locally quarried stone, as well as custom fabricated wood windows. The interior features clean lines so as not to distract from the incredible views that surround the home on all sides.

Project Photo Gallery: Brazos Ranch

Project Updates

October 5, 2012

LEEDS Silver Project Started

LEEDS Silver Project
SCG broke ground on their first building that will ultimately be certified as LEED Silver by the Green Building Council. All aspects had to be carefully planned (including siting of the building, materials to be used, the recycling of construction waste, and much more) in order to be considered for this very high level of green design and construction.

SCG is proud to offer its clients a customized Green Building Plan for all of their projects when a client expresses interest in this important issue.

In the News

September 1, 2012

Architectural Digest Magazine Features SCG Desert Project

Desert Residence II
Desert Residence II
Our recently completed “Desert Residence” was featured in the new September issue of Architectural Digest. Designed by the architectural firm of William Hablinski Architect (Austin/Los Angeles), the project’s exterior was clad in Italian travertine (both rubble and refined cut architectural stone).

The home’s interior, designed by Atelier AM (Los Angeles) featured vintage wood and stone flooring, a subtle Venetian plaster technique on all walls and ceilings, as well as reclaimed timber beams. The center core of the large home is washed with natural light from the large structural skylight that comprises the entire living room ceiling.

Project Photo Gallery: Desert Residence II