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June 12, 2017

10 unique doors and entrances

An entrance. A transition.

Doors and doorways separate the interior and exterior of a building, creating a literal and a figurative passage point. Architecture enthusiast website, calls the door, “that pivotal point where architecture first greets the user.”

Say hello to 10 doorways, all from Sebastian projects. These transition points can create a visual invitation to enter, while others blend tranquilly into the surrounding structure.

Westwick residence. Architect: Overland Partners Architects, San Antonio, TX

The design of Westwick, a modern home for art was based on Overland’s belief that “art is integral to the human experience helped the team bring intimate and gallery spaces together into one harmonious design.”

St. Johns Residence. Architect: Larry E Boerder Architects, Dallas, TX

St. Ives residence. Architect: LM Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Oaks residence, another classical beauty by Larry E Boerder Architects.

Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture, Dallas, TX.

Holloway residence by Peter Marino Architect, New York, NY.

Desert Residence II. Architect: Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles

Brazos Ranch. Architect: Ford Powell & Carson.

Another spectacular entryway at Aledo Ranch. Architect: Turner Boaz Architecture.

Massive double doors frame the courtyard. Desert Residence I by Hablinski-Manion Architects, Los Angeles.



Project Features

May 31, 2017

Featured: Peter Marino Architect

It’s every residential architect’s dream to have your work featured in Architectural Digest. Starchitect Peter Marino has not only had his work featured, he’s been elevated to the first ever AD100 Hall of Fame, the magazine’s curated list of the top influencers in the world of design.

Few architects are featured in both Vogue and on 60 Minutes. Marino, a tastemaker in architecture, art and high fashion, has been feted by both. Here’s a still from Marino’s sit down with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft. (Image, CBS News.)

Memorable in his sartorial choices (Marino’s leather biker gear shows off his tattoos and skull jewelry), he’s also known as the go-to architect for the most exclusive fashion brands. Christian Dior, Bulgari, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Zegna – Marino’s firm has designed boutiques for all of them.

But Marino doesn’t just look like a biker. He actually is a biker. (Marino often commutes between New York and his home on Long Island via motorcycle.)

His residential architectural clients reportedly include billionaires as well as some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, but he’s the model of discretion and won’t discuss his private clients.

Sebastian had the opportunity to partner with Peter Marino Architect on the renovations of the Crespi Hicks estate in Dallas (seen in the photos above and below.)

In a CBS 60 Minutes interview, Marino shares why he’s the top choice for the people who can have anything:

“It’s the old question, “Oh, why do they all go to you? …would you go to a knee doctor who had done two knee operations if you need an operation or one who had done 300 successfully? Who would you go to? That’s why they come to me.”

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May 17, 2017

Featured: Bodron+Fruit

Modern Luxury Interiors Texas writer Helen Thompson recently featured a Bodron+Fruit-renovated home in the Bluffview neighborhood of Dallas, noting:

“Bodron+Fruit has also carved a niche for itself renovating midcentury houses designed by some of the country’s greatest architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Larrabee Barnes, Philip Johnson and Howard Meyer.”

Architect Svend Christian Fruit and architecture-trained interior designer Mil Bodron met working on a project and in 1998 formed their eponymous firm, which is widely known in the greater Dallas area for modern design.

Bodron, who hails from Louisiana, told Bayou LIfe Magazine: “My introduction to architecture was all the old plantation homes in south Louisiana,” he says. “As a child, I knew all the Louisiana antebellum homes by name and most of them by floor plan.  To this day, I love old, classical houses. Just the old ones, not the new ones.”

Bodron’s philosophy of using “the most beautiful nothing we can find” for interiors creates the perfect backdrop for art-filled homes the firm is often commissioned to design or update. One of the most notable is the renovation of Strait Lane, the 1960s-era home originally designed by famed modernist Philip Johnson, for the Henry C. Beck family.

After the home fell into disrepair and was sold in the early 2000s, Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA completely renewed the dilapidated structure and grounds, retaining the clean lines but recreating the space as a family-friendly home. Sebastian performed the construction.

The renovation of the “strangely fascinating” Strait Lane property was featured in a 2010 New York Times article, commending Bodron’s “neutral color scheme [which] also creates a quiet background for works by artists like James Lee Byars, Ross Bleckner, Thomas Demand and John Chamberlain.”

The Bodron+Fruit website features 30 photos of the stunning renovation. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but image #6 captures the clean lines and “beautiful nothing” that frames the new owners’ modern art collection.

Project Features

May 10, 2017

Trend file: 8 spectacular water features

Fountains, pools, ponds, waterfalls, cascades…

Indoors or out, water features add curb appeal, visual interest and provide a sense of calm from the chaos.

We’ve gathered eight water features, all from Sebastian-built projects.

Premier estate built by Sebastian Construction Group - Deloache ResidenceSerenity meets symmetry with this gorgeous fountain at the Deloache residence, designed by Robert AM Stern Architects of New York.

And inside the Deloache residence, bask in the sunlit indoor oasis.

Modern home by Sebastian Construction Group - Oak CourtIf modern’s your thing, imagine yourself in Oak Court‘s indoor dining lagoon, originally designed by iconic modernist ED Stone and brilliantly renovated and updated by  architect Russell Buchanan and interior designer David Cadwallader.

Premier estate built by Sebastian Construction Group - Desert 1Landscape architect Robert E Truskowski of Laguna Beach brings California cool to the Desert I residence.

The Crespi estate gets a lot of press (Private Air Luxury Homes called it ‘The Finest Estate Home in America’) but we’d like to call your attention to its pond and reflecting pool designed by famed New York architect Peter Marino and London-based landscape architect, Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

Strait Lane, the only Philip Johnson-designed home in Dallas was completely renewed by Dallas architects Bodron+Fruit and landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand of Cambridge MA.

Landscape architect Charles J Stick of Charlottesville, Virginia designed the stunning grounds of this Highland Park estate.