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January 8, 2018

Four from Architectural Digest’s AD100 list

The new year is here and with it comes the slate of ‘Best of’ lists. One that caught our eye recently was Architectural Digest’s 2018 AD100, the design magazine’s list of 100 tastemakers in architecture and design.

We’d like to put the spotlight on a few select members of the AD100 that we’ve had the pleasure to partner with:

Atelier AM

Led by husband and wife duo, Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, the Los Angeles-based interior design firm specializes in “edited, elegant, cultivated interiors blending pedigreed furnishings with modern and contemporary art.”

Sebastian Construction Group teamed with Atelier AM and Hablinski-Manion architects on our Desert II project below, where we experienced the firm’s uncommon vision firsthand. (See more of the Desert II residence here.)

Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi Ltd

The interior design firm was lauded on the AD100 list for it’s “Focus on things being simpler and freer, released from the constraining chains of overdesign.”

And our Highland Park residence is the perfect example of Zervadachi’s simple, classic interiors.

Next, we admire the work of two renowned architects on the AD100 Hall of Fame list. The AD100 Hall of Fame is a highly curated list of the most influential architects and designers.

Peter Marino Architect

Architectural Digest says, “Peter Marino dreams up showstopping retail spaces and residences that both dazzle the eye and advance the cultural conversation.” After partnering on the showstopping residence known as Holloway (or the Crespi Estate), we know why Peter Marino has been featured everywhere from Vogue to 60 Minutes.

Robert A.M. Stern

One of our favorite projects, Sebastian Construction Group collaborated with AD100 Hall of Fame architect, Robert A.M. Stern on the the DeLoache residence (featured in the Architectural Digest article, “A Shining Lone Star”.)

This “exceptional house” as AD calls it, “…with its clever planning, top-drawer materials, venerable proportions and courageous victory over difficult scale, the house seems likely to stand the very test of time it already appears so convincingly to have stood.”

In the News

January 1, 2018

Sebastian’s Winter 2017 newsletter

Happy New Year! Our Winter newsletter edition is out and it features photos of our stunning modern project, the Turtle Creek residence.

Welch Architecture

Interior Designer:
Cadwallader Design

Landscape Architect:
The Garden Design Studio

You can see more images of the Turtle Creek project here.

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